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A number of standard tours and excursions are offered in every lodge and cruise on the Amazon. These activities are well thought out and complete your wilderness immersion.

The Meeting of the Waters
The location where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes meet is officially the beginning of the Amazon River. At this location, the black and yellowish waters of the two rivers meet and produce an amazing spectacle. You can literally see the two rivers mix together, and your boat can be put in such a position that on the one side the water is one color, and on the other side it is another.

Jungle Walking
This short trek through the Amazonian rainforest is a great way to experience the nearby jungles. Guides will introduce you to this beautiful landscape as you are immersed in the wild outdoors.

Piranha Fishing
Piranhas are some of the deadliest animals on the planet. It is said that a group of piranha can eat a full-grown cow in under an hour. You have a chance to go fishing for this unique fish in the jungles of the Amazon.

Alligator Spotting
At nighttime alligators, predators of the wild, will come out and search for prey. Your guide will catch a baby alligator and provide you with an interesting description of this unique animal.

Swimming with the Dolphins
The Amazon River is also the home of one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet: the dolphin. Freshwater dolphins come right up to you and eat out of your hands. You can also jump into the water and these amazing animals will swim all around you.

Visit the Lilly Pads
Hidden away in some of the most discreet parts of the Amazon are giant lily pads. Some grow to a diameter of 4 meters and are a very interesting sight when grouped together. The cruise through the jungle channel to where these lilly pads grow is also very memorable.

And Most Importantly
Thus far, we have not mentioned the most important activity to be enjoyed in the Amazon, and that is simply sightseeing. Boat cruises around serene channels are the main highlight of this natural wonderland.

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