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A spectacular way to experience the Amazon is on a river cruise. Beautiful and comfortable cruise ships are equipped with air-conditioned cabins, private showers, a sun deck, library, and always at least one English-speaking guide. The boats are usually small, holding up to 20 passengers, and provide an intimate ambience that allows you to get acquainted with yourself and the Jungle intimately.

Canoes are on-board and take you onto smaller creeks to experience what life is like on the flood plains, which are surrounded by rubber trees, jute, market-garden produce, giant water lilies and the natives who live between them. There are several excursions guided by a specialist for you to experience the insides of the forest, and to discover Brazil-nut trees and diverse fruit trees. Fishing is also included, along with night trips to do some animal spotting: nighthawks, sloth, snakes and frogs. You will see houses on stilts, floating docks, and at the end of your trip will have experienced vicariously the life that natives live.

Cruise Duration
Longer and shorter trips are offered, with the option of a cruise of 3 days/ 2 nights, or you can opt for a 6-day/5 night cruise. A 9 day cruise is offered into the "heart of the Amazon," where stands proudly the most untouched forestry in the entire Amazon.

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