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Can you imagine waking up to the sounds of the Rio Negro drifting by, the echoes of the spider monkeys saying their morning hellos, the fluttering of the many wings of the endless amounts of birds and butterflies, all amidst the quiet dripping of the dew drops falling from one lush green plant to the next? Well, all of this is possible and available to you: and it even comes with volume control, depending on how luxurious a Lodge you choose. Each Eco-Lodge comes with its own package deals for exploring the surrounding jungles and waters. Choosing an Eco-Lodge also depends on what excursions interest you the most.

Ariau Jungle Towers
This is the world's largest treetop hotel with the rooms actually located amongst the treetops. Located 60 kilometers from Manaus, this lodge offers 2 swimming pools and an auditorium with a capacity for 450 people, which is fully equipped with audiovisual resources and a beautiful view of Rio Negro and the Amazon Forest. There are also two observation towers at 41 meters in height, 2 restaurants, a bar, and an Internet cafe. If you want only a taste of Jungle Adventure while experiencing living in the Amazon amongst the treetops, this Lodge may be perfect for you.

Tiwa Amazonas Ecoresort
This is a very pleasant lodge located just across the grand Rio Negro from the city of Manaus. The resort-style lodge features comfortable accommodations, a great pool, and a friendly staff. They also provide a full range of activities to explore this great region.

The Over Look Lodge
This lodge is unique for its location: it is the only one in the Amazon in which you can see the sunset. It is a family run lodge with a veranda that looks out on the Rio Negro. It is located 60 km from Manaus, and the Anavilhanas Archipelago preserve features virgin rainforest walkways and flooded forest canoeing trips. The 8 rooms are simple with twin or double beds, and home cooked meals are served, consisting of locally caught fish, tropical fruits and vegetables.

Amazonia Jungle Lodge
What marks this lodge is the attention it places on its desire of showing you all of the diversity of the Amazon: the rich waters and the deep jungles. The packages that the lodge provides were helped put together by local and internationally renowned scientists who would be willing to accompany your excursions upon request. The staff is multilingual, speaking Portuguese, French, English, Italian, German and Dutch. There is also a library, which is located close to Manaus, and also Itacoatiara: the oldest city in the Amazonian state.

Amazon Village Lodge
Located 30 km from Manaus, this lodge is set on the edge of a rainforest reserve area and a 2-hour boat ride takes you to the Amazon Village. On your way you pass the Meeting of the Waters, and as you turn off the main waterway of the Amazon and go onto a smaller channel, you get to experience the life of the local people, because you see from within your boat how natives adjust to life here in the Amazon Jungle. The Amazon Village is formed by an open-air lodge surrounded by 21 bungalows containing the clean and simple rooms. There are private bathrooms and showers, and electricity is limited to the evenings. The Restaurant serves up local dishes and cuisine. Guides are very well informed.

Jungle Palace
This is as close to a luxury hotel as you can get in the Jungle, floating on a steel barge on the Rio Negro, about 50 KM from Manaus. Rooms include modern amenities such as telephones, and showers have hot water. Each room has a balcony, and there is also an observation deck, pool, lounge, bar and restaurant.

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