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Just south of Rio lies Angra dos Reis, a beautiful coastal getaway that also serves as the starting off point to thousands of pristine beaches and hundreds of islands. Only a short distance from the coast you'll find a paradise of waterfalls, the Sierra Mountain Range, and coastal tropical forests.

The best beaches can be found by following the Estrada do Contorno, which leads to Bonfim, Gordas, Retiro, and many others, including Brava Beach, which has the best surf in the region. Situated at the end of the bay is Ilha Grande, which contains one of the last surviving ecosystems typical to this coastal region of Rio. Rocky coasts, lush vegetation growing among the dunes, mangroves, and lagoons, are some of the wonderful treasures of this protected island.
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Angra do Reis, which means King's Cove, was discovered in 1502 by Spanish explorer Angre Goncalves. It was made into a settlement fifty years later and for several centuries agriculture was the main source of revenue. After the end of slavery agriculture declined considerably, but still maintains production, even today. Nowadays shipbuilding and tourism is on the rise, with travelers seeking the ultimate paradise in the Costa Verde region.

From Rio or Sao Paulo, you will take the BR 101, known as the Rio-Santos route. The trip takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. You can either travel by car or take a bus. Two companies that offer this trip are Costa Verde Transportation, which departs from Rio every hour. From Sao Paulo Reunidas Transportation offers several daily departures, with travel time at about seven hours.

Angras dos Reis has many excellent resort areas. Pestana Angra Resort offers 27 luxurious beachside bungalows, some with their own Jacuzzis and private balconies. Overlooking the Angras dos Reis Bay and the surrounding Sierra mountain range lies Hotel Portobello, a quaint Polynesian-style resort that offers luxury apartments all with excellent views. Blue Tree Park Angra dos Reis is also a popular resort area. They offer 319 rooms in a vast area of protected tropical forests. Blue Tree also offers several water sport excursions to the surrounding islands.

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