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Situated just 90 km from Rio and in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is most widely known as the gateway to an island paradise. This quaint fishing town is surrounded by 365 islands and over 2,000 beaches, all with their own unique natural beauty. Only venture out a short distance from the coast and you'll discover waterfalls, tropical forests, spectacular mountain views, and pristine coastlines.

Traveling west on the coast, the first beach of this region is Garatacaic, which stretches out to meet the Ponta Leste (East Point) that juts out over the Atlantic. Directly across from Ponta Leste lies the biggest island, the Illha Grande. Further down are the islands just off the coast, Illha de Itanhanga and beside this you'll find the narrow road of Estrada do Contorno, which leads to several beaches of paradise. Going even further west along the coast are two more islands, Itanhanga and Paqueta, which are neighbored by a long stretch of coast, including Brava Beach and the historical seaside village of Mambucamba.

Some highlights of the region include the Gipoia Island, which is a great place for scuba diving, especially at the beach Illha de Itanhanga. You can also rappel off one of the massive cannons and catch excellent views from atop the main hill. The Paqueta Island has some of the best seafood restaurants due to the fisherman who supply the docks with fresh fish and seafood. Back on the coast you'll also find excellent beaches. Mambucaba is a great spot to discover the history of the region and the neighboring Brava Beach has the best surf.

Just two hours from Rio is Pestana Angra Resort, a luxurious, quaint piece of paradise with 27 private beach bungalows. All of the bungalows have fantastic seaside views and private balconies. Hotel Portobello is also a great spot, with Polynesian-style apartments that overlook the Angra dos Reis Bay and the surrounding mountains. Just ten minutes of Angra dos Reis is the Arcobaleno Inn, which provides private and comfy accommodations right on the beach of Retiro. Enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of wide-open spaces and the surrounding tropical forest.

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