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The Beaches of Brazil

A secluded beach in Paraty, Brazil With over 7,000 miles of coastline, Brazil boasts some of the world's most stunning tropical beaches. This South American beach destination offers year-round sunshine and soft, white sands. In fact, Brazil's obsession with its beach culture even gave rise to the exotic 'tanga" or thong bikini in the 1960's. Be prepared to see lots of beautiful, bronzed and scantily clad bodies sporting the famous Brazilian bikini on its countless beaches. Made popular by vacationing actress Brigitte Bardot, Brazil's beaches have since become a hot spot for dedicated sun-worshippers and people-watchers.

Brazil's attractive, friendly people, samba music, vibrant festivals, and affordability make this country even more alluring. Accessibility to the Amazon rainforest and exciting nightlife is an added bonus. Carnaval, the world's biggest party, happens around February every year, and is not to be missed! While the best beach weather is from March to May and September to November, the South American summer is at its hottest from December to February. With so many beaches to choose from, you're sure to discover one that satisfies your desires.

The Beaches of Rio de Janeiro
Known as the "jewel in the crown" of Brazilian beaches, Rio's own Copacabana has been dubbed one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Rio offers wide white sand beaches and plenty of accommodations at affordable rates. Volleyball, watersports, and all-night partying is the only agenda here. Copacabana is also home to "futevole" or foot volleyball and is a common sight at the beach.

The beach at Ipanema is a favorite for local families and bronzed beauties strutting their stuff. More tranquil than Copacabana, Ipanema's soft white sand and cool blue waters are perfect for volleyball and swimming.
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Beaches of Salvador de Bahia
Located in the state of Bahia, this region lies between rolling hills and wide sandy beaches along the Bay of Todos os Santos. Its beaches have been an inspiration for international artists and many display and sell their wares beachside. Amenities along the beach include chairs, umbrellas, and endless tempting food kiosks. Beaches here are usually illuminated at night for the local restaurant and nightclub patrons. Salvador has great shopping, museums, and a vast number of churches.
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Beaches South of Salvador
Traveling south on the Brazilian coast you'll find a beach paradise that is infused with the unique Bahian culture. The coastline offers not only pristine beaches, tropical forest hillsides, and rocky coasts, but also lively beach towns and quiet fishing villages. In between are ecological refuges, virgin beaches, and hundreds of islands to explore.
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Beaches North of Salvador
There are hundreds of miles of beautiful white sand beaches to explore just north of Salvador. Coastal communities range from rustic fishing villages to upscale resort towns of Praia and Forte. Along the way you can catch a glimpse of the natural beauty typical of this region: coconut palms, sand dunes, mangroves, lagoons, and rivers.
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The Beaches of Buzios
This trendy upper class resort area lies about 2 hours east of Rio de Janeiro. Situated on the peninsula with beaches on all three sides, Buzios is known as a peaceful, safe haven for international tourists. The streets are lined with chic boutiques, restaurants, bars, and pousadas. The most popular beach in Buzios is Praia Joao Fernando, but cheap boat taxi service is available to shuttle visitors to nearby beaches.

The Beaches of Angra dos Reis
Located just 90 km from Rio de Janeiro, this idyllic seaside village serves as the starting off point for excursions to the hundreds of islands and coastlines that dot the Atlantic. Right off the coast you'll find tropical islands with amazing hill top views, waterfalls, and beaches surrounded by rainforests. There is also no shortage of luxury resorts to indulge in.
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Beaches of Paraty
The town of Paraty is an important cultural landmark, but it is also a nice place to relax in the sun.
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Beaches of Florianopolis
The town of Floripa, is treasured by sun seekers all over South America, but especially by Brazillians and Argentinians. The peninsula has a number of great beaches, and the nightlife and dining to keep many a tourist entertained.
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Beaches of Recife
The Recify city coastline is very pleasant with hotels and restaurant to entice the vacationers. Outside the city, there are also a number of coastal villages that allow for relaxation in a more tranquil setting.
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Beaches of Fortaleza
Much like Recife, and the other costal towns in the Northeast of Brazil, the city of Fortaleza offers a beautiful boardwalk and beach in the city tourist center, and great villages around the city for tourists to explore.
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The Beaches of Fernando de Noronha
Located about 350 km off the Brazilian coast, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha has become a popular ecotourism destination in recent years. Most of the island has been designated as a marine national park, which was created in order to maintain the natural wonders. The main island has many beaches where you can spot dolphins, whales, many species of exotic birds. There are also several companies that offer scuba diving trips and lessons. Close by is Fortaleza, a lively, sprawling city of 2 million, with several beaches that are great for sunset watching, beach parties, and people strolling on the seafront boulevard.

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