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The original utopia formed by the vision of Lucio Costa was a city in whichthe center(around the Rodoviero) would be like another Florence with cafes and bars that mixed with squares and small traffic streets to form a great central location for people to gather. Thisultimately never came through as the finances for the city's construction waned and political plans were changed. However, inn the last 5 years or so Brasilia has started to form a tourist infrastructure, with a good example being the shops and restaurants that are starting to emerge around the man-made lake in the southwestern area of the city. Though the city is still not pedestrian friendly as the 6 lane highways dominate the city, focus is being centered on making Brasilia, if not the Utopia it was once imagined to be, a city for the resident, politician and tourist alike.

Many of the clubs and bars are located in the vast shopping malls that are at the center of Brasilia. The Frei Caneca Draft is one such example, and is located in the Brasilia Shopping mall. The Asa Sul square is a great place to find live entertainment and popular hang out spots, as is the new center by the South Lake.

Praca dos Tres Poderes (Plaza of the three powers)
Surrounded by the Supremo Tribunal Federal (judiciary branch), the Congresso Nacional (legislative branch) and the Palacio do Planalto (executive branch) the square holds two statues by Bruno Giorgi and Alfredo Ceshiatii. The Brazilian flag dominates the plaza. It isthe largest flag in the world and itis always in motion and always in need of repair. Approximately every month the flag is replaced, and each state of Brazil in turn finances the costs.

Parque da Cidade
This is the main green space of the city, with vast grass fields and jogging and biking paths. It also features playgrounds, small fairs, and two healing natural springs!

Parque Nacional de Brasilia
Only a 15-minute drive from the center is this park that was founded in 1961 to preserve the flora and fauna of the capital. There is a swimming pool fed by the waters of the crystal river that flows into it, as well as good opportunities for bird watching, and seeing large mammals including the tapir and pampas deer stroll by.

Teatro Nacional
Designed by- you guessed it- Oscar Niemeyer, it is dark on the outside and illuminated by natural light on the inside. It holds three performance halls which usually hostclassical concerts and dance performance.. At the entrance you'll find a sculture by Alfredo Ceschiatie, the "Contorcionista" and the "Bird" by Marianne Peretti.
Contact: 061/325- 6239

Located next to the T.V. tower it offers shows on Saturdays and Sundays and educational programs for school groups on the weekdays. It is located on the Eixo Monumental at the side of the Centro Convencoes and is walking distance from the TV Tower.

Concha Acustica
This outdoor music venue is located next to a lake and amidst beautiful landscape. It is located at the Esplanade of the Ministries..

Benedictine Monastery
This peaceful sanctuary has Gregorian chants every Sunday at 10 am.

The top highlights, including the genius works of Oscar Niemeyer, are overviewed in our architecture section.

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