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Most hotels have great restaurants, as the biggest clientele are business travelers and politicians who often times hold conferences within the hotels. There are also some great dining options within the city, scattered about the North and South residential areas. You will find a wide range of cuisines and many international-style restaurants: excellent more generic South American cuisine restaurants as opposed to indigenous flavored dishes, as well as Italian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern restaurants abound.

Excellent Middle Eastern food. You will forget you are in Brazil, or rather will remember how Cosmopolitan a city Brasilia truly is!
SCLN 308/309 bl. B lj. 11/13 - Asa Norte Phone 273-0098

A Capitu
Italian/International cuisine in a lavish and European interior. Delicious grilled meat dishes.
CLS 403, bl. D, lj. 20 - Asa Sul Phone 223-0080

Great place for Japanese food.
SHN Qd. 2, bl. A - Asa Norte Phone 319-3536

For some delicious Brazilian cuisine, come here.
SCLS 404, Bl. A, loja 27, Asa Sul phone 223-5274

El Coyote Cafe
This lively Mexican restaurant serves up great food and is open till 2 am on weekends.
CLS 208 Bloca C, Loja 36. Phone 061/224-6069

Cheiro Verde
An excellent vegetarian restaurant with excellent views of the cathedral and Teatro
Nacional. SDS, Edificio El Dorado. Phone 601/224-8365.

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