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Brasilia does not have a tourist agency worth mentioning, so tourist attractions are "limited" to the phenomenal structure and architecture of the city. There is a basic city half-day tour, and small side-tours (some full-day) to surrounding towns or near-by points of interest.

Half-Day City Tour (Bus Tour)
This tour last three hours and takes in most of the important sights of the city: the Church of Our Lady Fatima, the residential area of the city, the Dom Bosco Sanctuary, the looming and magnificent T.V. and Radio Tower, the Buriti Palace, the JK Memorial, The Presidential Palace, the Three Powers Square, and the National Theater. A good history of the city is interwoven into the tour.

Brasilia by Night Tour
You are picked up from your hotel and are taken to the top of the TV and Radio Tower to intake the beautiful views of nighttime Brasilia. You are then escorted to the Gilberto Salomao Shopping Center, which has a wide range of night clubs and restaurants and is a great place to relax, meet fellow travelers, and take in the atmosphere.

Helicopter Tours
If you did not have a window seat on your flight in, enjoy the spectacular layout of the city from a birds-eye perspective. 10-minute helicopter tours only cost about US$25.

Architecture Tour
If you fall in awe at the Modernist architecture paradise that is Brasilia, take this 4-hour specialized architecture tour, and learn more about the history of the buildings, the city, and the people behind it.

Cristalina Mine Tour
A small town in the state of Goias lies Cristalina, only 84 miles (136 km) away from Brasilia. The town is famous for its commerce of beautiful precious and semi-precious gems, along with the large crystal reserves near-by. The trip is about 8 hours.

Half Day Vale do Amanhecer Tour
After the inauguration of Brasilia this religious center was founded by the spiritualist Tia Neiva. . "Aunt Neiva," while alive, claimed she was chosen to perform "mission of salvation to those elected and to announce the coming of the Third Millenium." The religious center,Vale do Amanhecer, offers assistance to over 50,000 people per month. The help is provided by the 2,000 member community that thrives within this center and which you will come to know and learn of from the tour.

Itiquira Falls Tour
A full day tour to the most popular falls in the area: beautiful and refreshing. There is time for a swim, so if you are lonely for the coast an opportunity for nature and sparkling water is made possible here.

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