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Layout of the City
The city was constructed in an extremely "rational" way. There are two main traffic-ways that divide Brasilia and form the bow and arrow image of the city. The Eixo Monumental runs straights from east to west, holds all of the monuments and government buildings, and divides the city into the Asa Norte (north wing) and Asa Sul (south wing.)

The Eixo Rodoviario runs North to South with a slight curve. The point of intersection of these two roads is the central bus station, the Rodoviaria. This division of the city is further enhanced with the cities "zoning" of areas: all important government buildings are located at the eastern end of the Eixo Monumental. All of the hotels are around the Rodoviaria.

Getting Into Brasilia:
Air Transportation: Varig, Vasp, and TAM airlines serve domestic flights from major cities. The Aeroporto Internacional Brasilia serves international flights.

Bus Transportation: Long-distance buses arrive at the Rodoferroviario, located west of the Eixo Monumental. Distances to Brasilia from other major cities such as Rio, Sao Paulo and Salvador are very large.

Within Brasilia:
Bus: The main bus center (Rodoviaria) is in the center of the city, at the intersection of the Eixo Monumental and Eixo Rodoviario. The city is basically divided into a cross for public transportation, with bus routes running east-to-west and north-to-south. Most visitor attractions are located in the center of the city which iswalking distance from the main bus station.

Taxi: This is the best way to get around, as the taxi driver will be able to figure out the address you want to go to without getting lost.

Foot: Though Brasilia is not an overly pedestrian city, around the center it is easy to navigate by foot. However, midday heat and lack of shade can become overwhelming, which is when the bus and taxi options come in handy.

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