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Cabo Frio is a popular holiday and weekend destination for Brazilians and travelers because of its pleasant weather and beautiful white sand beaches. The calm waters are also excellent for swimming and sailing. Like many seaside towns in Brazil, Cabo Frio has a fascinating mix of history and natural beauty. There are several churches and forts from the 17th century as well as nine lovely beaches to explore. Cabo Frio is also famous for its shrimp pasta, a local specialty that is served in many of the restaurants.

Some sights of interest are the Feliciano Sodre Bridge, the Nossa Senhora da Guia Chapel, and the church of Sao Benedito. Also worth checking out is the Nossa Senhora sa Assuncao church and the municipal theatre, both located in the Passagem neighborhood. For some interesting sacred art, the Convento Nossa Senhora dos Anjos houses the Museu de Arte Religiosa de Tradicional.

The Forte Sao Mateus, 1616, lies at the mouth of the Canal de Itajuru, which is a lovely spot with palm trees, restaurants, and boats tied up at the dock. Also worth visiting is the Morro da Guia Chapel and lookout built in the 18th century that has excellent views of the town. Pero and Conchas beaches are the most well known but there are many others close by: Forte Beach, Sao Bento, Siqueira, Sudoeste, Dunas, Foquete, Palmeiras, and Unamar.

The French were the first Europeans to settle the land. Eventually the Portuguese got involved and after the 1575 battle of Cabo Frio, the town was officially founded by the Portuguese on August 15, 1615. The legacy of the colonial area left behind forts, churches and historic buildings all dating from the 17th century. Since the 70's the town has been a popular vacation destination, making tourism one of its main sources of revenue.

Getting There
Cabo Frio is 156 km from Rio and can be reached quite easily in a few hours by the Via Lagos toll road. The drive is quite lovely, especially the view from the Rio-Niteroi Bridge. There is also an airport, which serves the Regiao dos Lagos region.

Hotels are plentiful in Cabo Frio. Hotel Acapulco has beautiful views of the sand dunes and luxury rooms. La Plage Hotel is right on Pero Beach and with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Close to Forte Beach and the city center is the quaint and rustic Pousada Leandro.
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