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A Local Celebrates Carnival in Rio de Janeiro When arriving at Carnaval, you are greeted with delight, dazzle, and decadence. Carnaval is Portuguese for Carnival, a festival that takes place annually in Brazil. People from all around the world flock to the streets of Rio de Janiero to share in the celebration with locals known as Cariocas. Starting the Friday before Ash Wednesday, seven weeks before Easter Sunday, Rio de Janerio hosts many festivities that occur throughout the city complete with music, parades, dancing, and renowned Carnival balls.
Note: Brazilians, spell the festivity a bit differently than we do, it is spelled "carnAval" in Portugese. Although this does add a complication, I am sure it will not throw off to many people. On this site, we will refer to the Brazilian celebration Carnaval by its English title: Carnival.

Using this website, you can find all the elements from history to schedule to travel details necessary to plan your adventure to Carnival. The detailed schedule includes events, venues, and times. Within the schedule are explanations of the events and links to further information.

Carnival Schedule of Events
There are many activities that take place during Carnival. There are events that take place before the actual 4-day festival including parades and rehearsals. The various gatherings combine to create days of enchantment, energy, and enjoyment, capturing the true sense of Rio's Carnival.
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Carnival Dates
The Carnival is celebrated every year on a different weekend. The official date is always 40 days before the Catholic holiday: Lent. In the next few years, here are the dates Carnival will be celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2011 - March 5-8
2012 - February 18-21

Carnival in Rio, Salvador, and Olinda
More Locals Celebrating Carnival in Rio The Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil, but the three most intesting places to see the Carnival is in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, and Olinda. This section of BTI is mainly a guide for the Carnival held in Rio de Janeiro. The festivities in Salvador and Olinda are very interesting, but may not be appropriate for foreigners. Sufficient concern for personal safety should be exercised. Please go to the Salvador de Bahia Carnival page for more information about that celebration.
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History of Carnival
This celebration has a rich tradition that gives these joyful fastivities an important place in the history of mankind. In fact, the roots of Carnival seep deep into the beginnings of humanity- or at least 10000 years before Christ.

Visiting Brazil during Carnival
With Carnival being the biggest celebration of its kind in the world, it is needless to say that the attention it attracts internationally is staggering. Included here is helpful information when doing your trip planning, along with some tips to make this trip, one of the most remarkable experience of a lifetime.

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