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A group of dressed up participants of a Carnaval Ball Dancing, music, and especially costumes fuse together in the numerous celebratory Carnival Balls. Some balls are public while others require tickets. Tickets are available for purchase at the box offices of each ball location. If there is a ball that you really want to attend, make sure to buy your tickets a few days in advance.

Copacabana Palace Luxury Ball
The most glamorous of the Carnival balls is the Copacabana Palace Luxury Ball held at Copacabana Palace. Magnificent costumes are aplenty and black-tie is required. This is place to go if you want to see the local celebrities as well as the next door neighbor socialite Narcis Tamborindeguy. She makes a majestic arrival into the ball, one that you will not want to miss. Entertainment is part of the ball so be prepared when you are invited to dance by the hired dancers. Get your tickers early if this is the ball you want to attend since they sell out quickly.

Cinelandia Ball
The public Cinelandia Ball occurs in the center of the city and is great place to hear the music of the Carnival as performed by artists, accompanied by two orchestras. Dance under the skies of Rio at this outdoor ball where children can be found grooving the afternoon away and adults alive with the vitality of the music at night. A stage is at the center of the party where the music and dance come together in an electric unification of life.

The Red and Black Ball at Scala
The Red and Black Ball at Scala is one of the most famous balls at Carnival. This ball pays homage to the Flamengos, the Rio football team. Make sure to wear red and black since some partygoers have been turned away by not wearing their red and black regalia. Samba music fills up the club while red and black bodies dance closely together, rhythmically moving to the hypnotic beat of the music.

Gay Balls at Le Boy
Gay Balls are held at Le Boy, a Copacabana dance club complete with music and dance floor. The crowd is filled with both homosexuals and heterosexuals moving between house music and samba while dressed in costume and other outrageous attire.

Live music is a vital element of any of the Carnival Balls. You can usually here at least two bands at each ball as well as samba percussion. Some balls are even filmed for the local television networks.

When attending a ball, try to bring as little as possible. That way there will be little for you to lose. If the ball you are attending has tables, try and sit away from the dance floor. The tables next to the dance floor are famous for having revelers grooving on top of the table, dancing the night away! At many of the balls, drinks are paid for using tickets purchased at the entry. Try to buy your tickets when you arrive, this will help save time later.

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