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Carnival Glossary

There are a number of terms that used by the natives at the time of the Carnival. We are happy to define many of these specilized words for you.

Bateria - The section of drums part of each Samba School as they perform in the Sambodrome.

Alas - The area in the Sambodrome where the Samba Schools line up before the parade starts. It is also known as the wings of the Sambodrome.

Enredo - The theme of each Samba School during the parade at the Sambodrome.

Puxador - During the theme song of the Samba School, the voice that guides the singers and dancers during the parade.

Carnaval - The Portuguese word for Carnival.

Blocos - A street parade featuring music and dance.

Banda - A band that performs during a street parade.

Escolas de Samba - Samba Schools that are found in local neighborhoods all over Rio de Janiero. The focus of the annual parade in the Sambodrome, these schools rehearse for months, creating floats, themes songs, movements, and costume for the event.

Concentration - The time when the performers gather before the parade begins.

Ensaios - Rehearsals at Samba School

Feijoada - Brazilian Stew

Camarotes - Mezzanine boxes located in the Sambodrome

Frisas - Runway boxes located in the Sambodrome

Arquibancadas - Bleacher seats located in the Sambodrome

Sector - The seats in the Sambodrome are labeled and broken up by sectors.

Recuo de Bactera - The drummers' section in the Sambodrome.

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