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Events Prior to the Carnival

Before Carnival even begins, the celebrations start! Throughout the months before Carnival, the Samba Schools prepare for the great parade that will be held in the Sambadrome during the festival. Also, there are street parades that communicate the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming Carnival. These take place in the two weeks before the official revelry begins.

Carnival Rehersals
As far as a few months before carnival, Samba schools rehearse.. You can visit..
Further information on Carnival Rehersals

Event Schedule Prior to the Carnival

Saturday (14 days before Carnival begins)
Banda de Ipanema
The famous band performs in the street, welcoming all who want to join in the party. More

Location: Praca General Osorio, Ipanema
Start:: 4pm

Saturday before Carnival
Banda Simpatia e Quase Amor
A street parade (blocos) with over 10,000 people in attendance while a 50-piece percussion bands moves through the streets of Ipanema. More

Location: Praca General Osorio, Ipanema
Start: 4pm

* Times are approximate as they may change with little warning.
* Events that require tickets for participation are indicated by a star.

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