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As you anticipate for your journey to Carnival or just want to relive your amazing experience, check out this list of media that is just a few clicks away from purchase. Many of these items are available through the website.

Music CDs

Samba de Carnaval de Brasil
By: Various Artists
This CD will make you get up and dance. The music of Carnival is revealed through the tracks found in this collection. Some remarkable songs include Prato Da Nolte, Viva Meu Samba, and Pouca Saude.
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Samba Brasil
By: Various Artists
If you are looking for an introduction to the samba, this is the CD for you. This anthology includes a variety of sambas inviting you into the world of Brazil and Carnival.
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Samba Bossa Nova
By: Various Artists
A unique combination of both the samba and samba-inspired bossa nova. The songs on this CD bring alive the African roots of samba through the many tracks brought together by the talents at Putamayo.
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By: Various Artists
Listen to this CD for an introduction to the diverse sounds of Brazilian music. The songs create a mood of folk, pop, jazz, samba, bossa nova, and popular Brazilian music.
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The Best of Rio Carnaval
By: Various Artists
The sounds of this CD transport you to the streets of Rio and the excitement of Carnival. Enter into Carnival by getting up and dancing to this eclectic set of songs.
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Sambas de Enredo Groupo Especial 2006
Enjoy many songs from the Enredo Groupo 2006 Samba School Parade.
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Sambas de Enredo Grupos A and B 2006
Relive the songs of the entire 2006 Samba School Parade (Sunday through Tuesday) on a two-disc set.
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Rio Grupo Especial 2005 Sambas de Enredo
If you want to hear the theme songs of specific schools from 2005, check out this CD that includes a great variety of Samba Schools (Beija Flor,Unidos daTijuca, Mangueira, Viradouro, Imperatriz. Salgueiro, Portela, Mocida de Imperio, Serrano, Grande Rio, Porto da Pedra, Tradicao, Caprichosos, Vila Isabel)
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Escolas de Samba - O Espectaculo - Rio Carnival DVD
This DVD presents segments of various champion Samba School Parades since the inauguration of the Sambodrome. The clips provide outstanding visuals of the parade and Carnival. The film is in Portuguese with some subtitled English.
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Carnaval! (Paperback)
By: Barbara Mauldin
With over 300 photographs, this text captures the essence of Carnival. Travel with the author to Carnival not only in Brazil but in other parts of the world as well.
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By: Alma Guillermoprieto
Read an account of Carnival from a person who lived the experience. Alma Guillermoprieto, a dancer and writer, lived in Manguiera for a year, joining in the preparation and annual Samba Parade.
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Carnaval (Hardcover)
By: George Ancona
A children's book that follows the preparation and actual festival of Carnival. The photos and text offer a perspective into the creative side of getting ready for one of the most engaging celebrations in the world.
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Carnaval (11 solos for cornet and piano)
By: Donald Hunsberger, as recorded by Wynton Marsalis
If you want to hear the twinkling notes of Carnival come through your instruments, the text in this book is for you. This book of music includes performance notes and photos.
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Aprendendo a Tocar O Batuque Carioca
By: Guilherme Gonclaves and Mestre Odilon
This text describes how to the perform the beats of the Rio de Janiero Samba Schools. The talents and knowledge of musician Guilherme Gonclaves along with Mestre Odilon of the Grande Rio Samba School put together all the musical notation for the samba instruments.
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Carnaval Carioca 100 Anos
Check out photographs from recent Carnivals in this text. Several languages are part of the book (Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German). A CD of Carnival themed sambas is included.
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Rio Carnival magazine Manchette 2005
Full of photos of the parades, balls, costumes, competitions, and street processions, this magazine captures the true essence of Carnival. Although it is written in Portuguese, it does not seem to matter since the many pictures tell a thousand stories.
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