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Just as any big celebration in a foreign country, you should take care.. Intro..

Police can be found throughout the streets of Carnival but incidents of pick-pocketing can occur. Counteract the possibility of theft by keeping your passport, other vital documents, credit cards, and money in a pouch or money belt under your shirt. Thieves will try anything to pick your pocket including acting like your friend after they spill a drink on you. When carrying money, do not take more than you need. Also, try to wear any expensive jewelry. What you are not wearing cannot be stolen. If you chose to bring or purchase anything of value, keep it stored in the hotel safe (most hotels have safes in the rooms).

Avoid buying tickets from scalpers for any event. These tickets may not be genuine, making it impossible for you to attend an event you have been looking forward to with anticipation.

Being educated about the city before you begin your adventure will help you navigate the city safely. Study the maps and then when you arrive, get your bearings of the city. When traveling from place to place, plan your route and pick out different landmarks to aid in your travels. Stride with intention to your destination. The safest parts of the city are on the southern side of Rio, try to stay in these areas. Keep away from shadowy and remote areas (for example, Flamengo Park, Financial District) and keep yourself in the areas with more people.

Capturing your adventure at Carnival through photos and video is one way to remember the good times. Just make sure to keep your camera close to your body, using straps to secure each. Try not to leave cameras unattended while at the beach, Samba school, or ball.

Participating in the all the events is a given at Carnival. Using your head while making decision will stop you from becoming a victim of crime. This includes not taking strangers and new acquaintances back to your room as well as not taking drinks from people you do not know. Try not to put your drink down while at balls, bars, and other social venues. This will keep drugs and other surprises out of your drink.

If you happen to run into some of the criminal constituents, stay cool and do not struggle. You do not know who you are dealing with in this situation. Contact the police officers that populate the city. There is a tourist police station in Leblon (Av Afranio de Mello Franco, close to the club Scala).

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