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Carnival Parade Seats

The many revelers enjoying the sights and sounds of the Carnival There are many places to sit within the Sambodrome, but in reality, choosing a seat, is not trivial. Seats are often purchased ahead of time by skalpers, and prices can easily run tourists into the $500 per seat range. In addition, some seats/sections offer only a limitted view of the parade and some are not very safe for tourists.

Mezzanine boxes
The mezzanine boxes or camarotes are where you can find who's who of the city's public, from athletes to socialites to politicians, feasting on complimentary drinks and fare. These boxes cost well over $4000 and can seat twelve people.

Another area of seats is the runway boxes or frisas. These boxes can hold six people as well as a serving table. Priced just below $600 dollars each, these seats are along side the street and offer a detailed view of the parade.

The Bleachers
The bleachers or arquibancadas are the cheapest seats. You can sit high up, presenting an amazing view of the action of the parade. These seats can cost about $250 or more. Be aware - You are not actually sitting on chairs but concrete bleachers. This gives you plenty of room to dance as the vibrant Samba Schools move on through the Sambodrome.

The seating at the Sambodrome is organized by sector. The best available seats can be found in sector 9, 11, and 7. All the seats in these sections are safe for tourists and provide a viewpoint of the Samba Parade.

Sector 9
Sector 9 is reserved for tourists. This sector has numbered seats making it easier to leave and return to your seat. While sitting in sector 9, you are part of the drummer's niche or recuo de bactera. When the Samba Schools perform in front of this sector, the drums add another level of passion and rhythm to the experience.

Sector 11
Sector 11 is another possible sector for seating. In this area you can find large traveling groups. The seats are also numbered in this sector and give a remarkable perspective of the parade.

Sector 7
If you want to be in the center, sector 7 is the place to sit. The seats here are not numbered so if you want to be in the front row you have to arrive hours before the show begins. Also, if you leave your seat, ask someone to hold it or you may not find the same seat again.

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