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Carnival Transportation

Once in Rio, local buses, taxis, and metro are available for use. For those brave hearts, rent a bicycle to explore Carnival and the city.

The best way to travel is using taxis which are cheap. Keep in mind that the streets close during some of the activities which can delay finding a cab as well as arriving at your destination. There are two rates that the taxi system uses, one for before 8:00 pm and another for after 8:00 pm, Sundays, holidays (including Carnival), some neighborhoods, and areas that contain unruly terrain (for example, steep inclines). You can figure out the actual charges by looking at the required table located on the left window in the rear of the taxi. Some reputable taxi businesses are Coopatur, Coopacarioca, and Centro de Taxis. Check with your hotel for further information about taxis.

Rio Subway System
Another clean and somewhat efficient option is the metro system (subway) which runs continuously throughout Carnival. You can use the subway to get from Copacabana to Centro. It runs on two lines, not going past the southern point of Copacabana, so it is not feasible to use to get to Leblon or Ipanema. A single ride is about $2.25. Once you reach your stop, you may need to ride a shuttle bus to get to your destination. Investigate the route you need to take before getting on the metro.

If you chose to take the bus, take along a friend. Once on the bus, make sure to sit toward the front, avoiding window seats. Have the fare already in your hand and try not to take out your wallet or open your purse.

Sambadromo Transportation
In order to get to the Sambodromo, take a taxi or the metro which runs uninterrupted throughout Carnival. Make sure that you exit the metro or taxi at section and side that your seats are on in the Sambodromo. See the following chart for information:

Sector Exit Directions
2 Praca Onze Take two rights outside the station, walk straight on Rua Julio Carmen
4, 6 Praca Onze Turn onto Rua Carmo Neto and walk to Av Salvador de Sa
1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11 Central Walk up Av Presidente Vargas

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