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Events on Carnival Tuesday

An Intricate Carnival Costume in Action Tuesday marks the final day of the Samba School Parade at the Sambodrome. Come and listen to the Banda de Ipanema and other local performance while bopping through the streets. If you are still itching to become someone else, join in at the Scala Gay Costume Ball where all are welcome.

Event Schedule on Carnival Tuesday

Samba Parade*
Group B of the Samba Schools presents their talents.

Location: Sambadromo
Start:: 9pm

Banda de Ipanema
The famous band performs in the street, welcoming all who want to join in the party. More

Location: Praca General Osorio, Ipanema
Start:: 4pm

Scala Gay Costume Ball*
This is ball welcomes all including straight, gay, lesbian, transsexuals, transvestites, and drag queens. Costumes are aplenty throughout the event - sequins, feathers, hues of all colors, and masks of all shapes and sizes are welcomed by everyone in attendance. More

Location: Av Afrannio de Melo Franco(Leblon)
Start: 11pm

Gay Ball at Le Boy
Le Boy is a Copacabana dance club complete with music and dance floor. The crowd is filled with both homosexuals and heterosexuals moving between house music and samba while dressed in costume and other outrageous attire. More

Location: Rua Rual Pompeia (Copacabana)

Celebrations Continue
Performances including music, dance, and merriment continue on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Location: Rio Folio and Terreirao do Samba (Near Arcos do Lapa and Cathedral Metropolitana)
Start: 8pm

* Times are approximate as they may change with little warning.
* Events that require tickets for participation are indicated by a star.

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