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An Introduction to Portugese

Here are some basic Portuguese phrases, to help you feel a bit more at home in the country and to help you orient yourself.

Brazilian Glossary of Common Terms
The following words or phrases you will find almost anywhere you go in Brazil.
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Foods on the Brazilian Restaurant Menu
The following foods are very common to encounter when you dine in Brazil. Although traveling in a new country should be exciting, knowing what food you order is not going to take away from the spontaneuty of your vacation.
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Basic Portuguese Phrases
-Ola, Oi

-How are you?
-Como vai?

-Bom (male) Boa (female)
-Mau (male) Ma (female)
-What is your name?
-Como voce se chama?

-Nice to meet you
-Prazer em conhece-lo(a) (male/female)

-Thank you very much
-Muito obrigado
-You're welcome
-De nada

-Excuse me
-Desculpe me

-How much is the fare?
-Quanto e a passagem?

-Where is.."X"?
-Onde e.."X"?

-Where do you live?
-Onde voce mora?

-Adeus, Tchau
-So long
-Ate mais, ate logo


-Train station
-Estacao ferroviaria
-Bus station
-Estacao rodoviaria
-Car rental agency
-Locadora de veiculos


-Good morning
-Bom dia
-Good afternoon
-Boa tarde
-Good evening
-Boa noite
-Good night
-Boa noite

-Do you speak.."X"?
-Voce fala.."X"?

We have provided a link to an excellent website on Portugese pronunciation.
Crash Course on Portugese pronunciation

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