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Reading the Brazilian Restaurant Menu

Listed below are some common terms you will find very useful, especially when you're hungry and in a Portuguese-speaking country.

Common Menu Terms and Items:
almoco - lunch
assado - roasted
bem gelado - well chilled
cafe colonial - high tea
cafe de manha - breakfast
cardapio - menu
churrasco - barbecue
colher - spoon
conta/nota - bill
copo - glass
cozido - boiled, steamed
cozinhar - to cook
entrada, pestiscos - appetizers
faca - knife
garcom - waiter
garfo - fork
garrafa - bottle
grelhado - grilled
jantar - dinner, to have dinner
mal passado/bem passado - rare/well done
medio - medium grilled
milanesa - breaded
na chapa/na brasa - charcoal grilled
prato - plate
sobremesa - dessert
sorvete - ice cream
taxa de servico - service charge
tucupi - fermented manioc and chicory sauce used in Amazonian food

Speciality Dishes
feijoada - black bean, park and sausage stew
vatapa - Bahian shrimp dish, cooked with palm oil, skinned tomato and coconut milk, served with fresh coriander and hot peppers acaraje - fried bean cake suffed with vatapa.
alho e oleo - garlic and olive oil sauce

Specialty Drinks
Cachaca - (also known as pinga or aguardente) a spirit made from cane sugar that is used to make caipirinhas (cocktails).

Food (Comida)
arroz - rice
peixe - food
molho - sauce
carne - meat
pimenta - pepper
pao - bread
legumes/verdures - vegetables
sal - salt
ovos - eggs
mariscos - seafood
queijo - cheese
sopa/caldo - soup

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