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The island of Santa Catarina has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, some of which are world renowned for their great surf. On the east and south coasts of the island remote and exceptionally beautiful beaches can be found, each with their own unique natural wonders. The west coast has many tranquil bays and a large population of Azorean descent, while the north has warm, calm waters that are good for swimming and for exploring the coastal remnants from colonial times.

Praia do Rosa
Praia do Rosa is considered on of the 30 most beautiful beaches in Brazil and around the world. Not long ago it was only inhabited by a few fisherman families and there was no electricity, roads, or modern conveniences. In the late 70's travelers discovered this paradise and today it has over 100 hotels, restaurants, and bars. The natural landscape is still very much intact and visitors can enjoy the two lagoons of crystal blue-green waters, the forested hillsides, and small dirt roads leading to the ocean. The area is under protection by the new Sustainable Development Directive Plan of Imbituba and by the Environmental Protection Area of Baleia Franca.

Situated on the southern coast of Santa Catarina, Garopaba offers 8 beautiful beaches, each having unique highlights. The small fishing village still maintains the old world characteristics of the original village, with only one and two story houses and buildings. Because of its natural beauty, the area is also popular for eco-tourism and water sports such as windsurfing, hang gliding, paragliding, surfing, and snorkeling. There are also frequent beach parties along Ferrugem Beach.

Morro das Pedras
This beach is located on the south coast of the island and is more remote than the other beaches, making it exceptionally beautiful in its natural state. The beach is surrounded by hillsides and rocky coastline. Further inland is Lagoa do Peri, the only freshwater lagoon on the island and filled with lush vegetation. You can also take a boat tour to Ilha do Campeche to see the rocky coast and the American Indian rock carvings.

There are also several virgin beaches linked together along the east coast of the island. Praia Mole is just two miles from Lagoa do Peri and next to the equally beautiful Estrada Geral d Barra and Praia de Galheta, which is popular with nudists.

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