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The modern and the old, are found hand in hand in Fortaleza Brazil Fortaleza is similar to Rio in its bustling nightlife and thriving commercial center. A sprawling city of 2 million inhabitants, the city has recently expanded its tourism industry, with luxury hotels and resorts lining the beaches and catering to tourists who come here for the lively atmosphere and warm ocean waters.

Like most cities in Brazil, the founders have left behind a fascinating legacy. Take a stroll through the city and see Fortaleza Cathedral, an impressive example of Gothic-Roman architecture and the third largest church in Brazil. Also worth seeing is the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao, a seventeenth century fort where this city found its start. There are also great beaches that are accessible to the bustling nightlife and many shops selling handicrafts further in the city.

The two main city beaches are Praia de Iracema and the neighboring Praia do Meireles, which also serve as the focal point of Fortaleza's nightlife. Praia de Iracema has seen a slightly younger and wilder crowd, while the latter draws a broader population of locals and tourists. In the daytime you'll see surfers, swimmers and beach parties, and in the evenings, the promendade at Praia do Meireles is teeming with lovers taking a stroll, rollerbladers, and family outings.

Portuguese settlers first arrived in Fortaleza in the early seventeenth century but were eventually pushed out by the natives. By the eighteenth century the Portuguese formed a stronghold on the area after constructing the Fortress of Nossa Senhora de Assuncao. During the 19th century, the city became an important port and agricultural center.

Fortaleza has many local bus routes that can take you from the beaches to the city centre. Taxis are also readily available, which are essential when getting around late at night. There are inexpensive flights from Rio to Fortaleza or you can take a bus offered by the following companies: Sao Gerald, Itapemirim, and Nossa Senhora da Penha.

Cheaper hotels can be found in the city centre, while the more expensive ones are on the beaches of Praia de Iracema and Praia do Meireles. Aqua Marinha hotel offers guests luxury accommodations close to the beach and in a neighborhood with a lively assortment of bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. The Othon Palace Fortaleza is situated in the swanky area of Beira Mar Avenue and has a beautiful view of the Mucuripe Bay from its 20-story tower.

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