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A sailing vessel spreading its wings on the shores near Fortaleza, Brazil Tourists flock to Fortaleza for its excellent urban beaches, which make up 25 km of the coastline. Each beach has its own unique flavor and cultural offerings, some having a reputation that rivals Rio in terms of nightlife. For more tranquil, virgin beaches you have to only travel a short distance to find pristine, palm-fringed waters.

Iracema is known as the bohemian beach. Partiers start out early at the beach and go between the waters and the popular Cultural Center Dragao do Mar. The crowd is much younger and wilder that at Meireles, which draws more families and locals. There are also many beachfront hotels and the Feirinha de Artesanato handicraft market.

Mucuripe is a popular beach for fisherman. In the afternoon and evening jangadas can be seen traveling with their catch of the day to the old style fish market. Boat trips also leave from this area. Praia do Futuro is the ideal place for swimming and surfing. It also offers excellent food at one of the many barracas. These rustic style restaurants built on the beach sand have made the area famous.

The sun setting coast, known as Costa do Sol Poente, stretches from Fortaleza to the state of Maranhao. Right outside of the city are several beaches with green crystal waters and palm trees: Iparana, Pacheco, Praia de Lagoinha, and Dois Coqueiros.

Also on the sunset coast and 60 miles from Fortaleza is the small beach town of Paracuru, which is known for its Carnival celebration. The town offers plenty of lodging, restaurants, and hang outs for travelers wishing to enjoy a large beach of sand dunes, reefs, the Curu river inlet, and natural swimming pools.

Another excellent and well-preserved beach is Jericoacoara, where visitors say the hardest thing to do is leave. On one side of the beach there are miles of sand dunes and on the other are steep cliffs that drop down to a lighthouse and impressive rock formations.

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