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The Iguassu Falls mesopotamic region is outlined by the Parana and the Uruguay rivers. Most of the area is low and marshy because it receives a great quantity of rain and the area just South of the Waterfalls is mainly low hills and swamps.

The actual falls are 400 miles(890km) from their spring and have a water volume that varies from 300 to 6,500 cubic meters per second. The Iguassu Falls are formed by a group of 272 smaller falls varying in height and power with a maximum height of 90 yards(82 meters). The biggest attraction in Iguassu is the Garganta del Diablo, or the so called Devil's throat, where the biggest volume of water passes and creates the most memorable spectacle. The shear power of the falling water creates an impressive roar that can be heard from even a few miles away.

In the park visitors find over 200 species of trees, 448 species of birds, 71 types of mammals, 250 types of butterflies and dozens of species of reptiles and amphibians.

Map of Iguazu Falls:

Iguassu Falls Map

Iguassu Falls can be reached in a two hour flight from Rio de Janeiro, one and a half hour flight flight from Sao Paulo, or an hour and a half flight from Buenos Aires. Taking a bus to Iguassu Falls from any of these destinations would take over 10 hours, and is not recommended.

Tourism Office
Get all the information, maps, and answers you need at the Puerto Iguassu tourism office.
Open daily from 8am to 8pm.

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