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The World Heritage site of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais - Brazil Built around a network of creeks, Ouro Preto is one of the loveliest towns in Brazil. The most striking thing about the town is the beautifully preserved eighteenth architecture that sits atop a steep hill. Ouro Preto is one of the several cidades historicas of Minas Gerais and is considered one of the finest examples of colonial and baroque architecture. A visitor could easily spend several days exploring the churches, chapels, museums, and historical monuments, which were a result of the mineral wealth of the mining boom.

Just take a stroll through the town and you'll see the baroque churches, colonial palaces, bridges, and fountains that make this town one of the finest examples of South American colonial and baroque architecture. In the center of town is the Palacio dos Governadores, which was built in 1740 and now houses the Museum of Science and Technology.

Next door is the Igreja do Carmo, a church built in 1776, the Museu do Oratorio, which contains over two hundred baroque oratories, and the Teatro Municipal, the oldest theatre in South America. The Pilar district is also a beautiful example of colonial architecture, with its shopping streets, fountains, and the parish church of Pilar.

The town started out in the early 18th century as a rough and tumble mining town. As the mineral wealth grew, Ouro Preto gradually transformed into a treasure land of Baroque art and architecture and colonial mansions.

Because of its small size is it very easy to get around Ouro Preto. The local buses will leave you at the town centre at Praca Tancredo Neves. From here all of the hotels and inns are within walking distance.

Ouro Preto is 254 miles (480km) from Rio and 393 miles (800km) from Sao Paulo. From Rio you take the BR-040 highway before turning on BR-356 that takes you to Ouro Preto. From Sao Paulo take the road via Parati to Tiradentes. Be sure to spend a good amount of time in Tiradentes and then travel up to BR-040 where you can visit Congonhas and travel further north to Belo Horizonte, or Northeast to Ouro Preto.
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The baroque architecture of Ouro Preto is trully unique in Brazil and the world.
Around the corner from the centre is the Pousada Solar dos Correa, which offers 25 colonial style rooms. Housed in an 18th century mansion, the Pousada Typographia is similar in style but a bit more expensive. The location is excellent and the rooms are comfortable and spacious. Cheaper options are the Hotel Central and the Hotel Providencia.

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