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This region is relatively close to Rio, but you still need to make the decision if you want to fly here (less than 1 hour flight), or take a car or bus that will take around 6 hours. Belo Horizonte is the transportation hub, but if you take a bus or drive, it may well be avoided. Belo Horizonte is about 450km (240 miles) away from Rio.

Getting to Belo Horizonte
There are daily flights to Belo Horizonte from Rio de Janeiro and most other large cities in Brazil. The flight from Rio and Sao Paulo is under 1 hour.

Car and Bus
There are busses that travel to the region. There are two major routes, from Rio de Janeiro and from Parati. The Rio route (400km/200 miles) takes about 5 hours driving by car or upto 7 by bus. The distance from Parati is a bit longer, with the road more windy. This distance can take as much as 7-8 hours.

Getting to Ouro Preto
Flights go to Belo Horizonte and from there you can take bus or rental car to go to Ouro Preto. Ouro Preto is about 1 hour and 60km (28 miles) away from Belo Horizonte.

Car and Bus
On the way to Belo Horizonte on route BR 040, there is a turn off to Ouro Preto. The turn is about 20km (10 miles) before Belo Horizonte proper. The highway after the turn is BR 356, and requires another hour of travel(65km/30 miles) to arrive at Ouro Preto.

Getting to Tiradentes
Tiradantes is the prettier, but also the smaller town located near the bigger San Joao del Rei. Busses and highway markers may direct you to San Joao. Tiradentes is only 15 minutes away from San Joao.

Flights go to Belo Horizonte and from there you can take bus or rental car to go to Tiradentes. The town is about 2.5 hours drive and 140km (65 miles) away from Belo Horizonte.

Car and Bus
As you drive up route BR 040 from Rio, there is a turn off to Tiradentes (and San Joao del Rei). The trip by car takes just over 4 hours, and a bit longer by bus.

Map of Minas Gerais
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