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The Cablecar at Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ah, Brazil! Even those who know nothing of it are permeated with images of its beautiful beaches and beautiful people. Rio de Janeiro's reputation precedes itself, being the must-see city of any Brazilian visit. It is divided into several areas: Copacabana, Ipanema, Centro, and Leblon. Each of these areas has a distinct flavor to them, for just like the rest of the Brazilian culture, the influences are vast and the interests are varied!

The Ipanema beach pulsates with life, and yet within this beach-loving country there is a vast amount of cultural highlights: Architecture greats such as Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa have built up cities like Brasilia and palaces like the Palacio Gustavo Capanema. Many Art museums hold the top contemporary artists of present-day Brazil, and yet there are impressive collections of European art as well, such as in the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes.

A Boat on the beautiful beach shores near Salvador de Bahia, Brazil Brazil occupies nearly 50% of the South American continent. Its geography and distinctively different history from the rest of the Latin American world have combined to offer a rich culture full of diversity and contradiction!. It encompasses and maintains dominance over one of the greatest natural wonders: the Amazon River and Rainforest. The Amazonian town of Manaus was the first great supplier of rubber to the motor vehicles of the world. It is also home to the famous Opera house that dates back to this boom. Travel South East and you will encounter the Pantanal, which offers wild life sightings that mark it as one of the top bird and wildlife sighting places in the world. The Iguassu Falls outcry upstate New York's Niagra Falls in their power and beauty, and are just south of the Pantanal and west of Sao Paulo.

And have we mentioned the dining? The cuisine in Brazil seems to match the people of this land: with the churrascarias not being shy of serving all-you-can-eat meat orgies, the many botegas serving up a relaxed atmosphere and cool drinks, the national dish of Feijoada with some caldo soup and steaming hot black beans; all amidst the smiling and chatting faces of the Brazilian people, who love to dine and do not rush in savoring the delights of their country.

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