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Bonito in Portuguese translates to"beautiful," and this extraordinary destination does not fail to live up to its name. Brazilian tourist agencies have brilliantly turned the city into a locally and internationally sought after eco-tourist spot. One hundred seventy five miles from Campo Grande flow thecrisp, crystal waters harbored underneath limestone rock formations and deep-flooded caves. In some areas, visibility goes as deep as 100 feet and caves-both above water and below- that were sculpted over thousands of years are quite spectacular, as are the many waterfalls that are found nearby.

With so many natural advantages, the town of Bonito is a great addition to a visit to the Pantanal.

The nearest airport to Bonito is in the city of Campo Grande. From there, a 5-hour bus ride from the Viacao Cruzeiro do Sul station bring you into Bonito. Alternatively, renting a car or private transportation allows for a 4-hour drive on paved road.

Activities in Bonito need to be bought through a tour operator and usually all tour packages in Bonito are priced similarly. It is very important to book early- ideally 2 or more months in advance- as tours and excursions are all limited to no more then 15 people, and fill up quickly. All activities are guided since most of the land is privately owned due to the emphasis that is put on preservation efforts.
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