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Here are descriptions of some of the most popular tours and excursions available in Bonito.

Abismo Anhumas
This attraction ought to be on every adventure-seeker's must-see list. The hidden wonders of the "Anumas Abyss" are unveiled by means of a revealing crack in the earth which breaches entrance into this marvelous world. The crack gapes downwards an impressive 72 meters, before opening into a stadium-sized, clear-water lake, where the journey begins. A The entrance overhangs a steep boulder, complete with enormous stalactites that garnish the ceiling. Continuing along, a 25-meter long lake molds slowly into a tunnel, its walls adorned with gigantic, 3-meter long stalactites. Pausing briefly at a pocket of oxygen that emerges from a rise in the tunnel, the next descent brings the explorer into an area filled with beautiful, naturally sculpted stalagmites and stalactites as large as 16 meters in height. Entitled "the cones," this unique formation was hand-sculpted by Mother Nature herself. They are located along a 40 meter-deep cave, and this diving experience will probably rank as one of the best in your lifetime; visibility ranges from 40 to 60 meters. The dry area of the cavern holds yet another piece ofart crafted by Nature's hands: speleothemes, the beauty of which is unforgettable. Diving experience is necessary for this journey. A guide is provided.

Rio da Prata
The explorer is guided through a trail along the river, where vegetation, birds and wildlife of all sizes and colors await the seeking eye. A person will feel as if they are entering a new dimension as the lake opens up before their eyes, and they can meander downstream alongside the many tropical fish and vegetation. This trip down the "Silver River" takes about 90 minutes, and after the journey, a typical regional meal at one of the ranches can be enjoyed. This is an all day trip.

Gruta do Lago Azul
The Blue Lake Cave is the translation for this wondrous, mysterous spectacle. Even expert divers have never reached the bottom of the immensely blue lake, and no one knows exactly the source of the water, as the waters if the surrounding rivers are all a differing shade of green. One debated source is a subterranean river. The lake is about 100 meters from the opening of the cave, and snorkeling or scuba diving is strongly recommended for anyone above the age of five. here2-hour trip.

Rio Scuri
The sparkling waters of the Anaconda River might not persuade you to go for a swim , but it will provide beautiful scenery to soak up, from its lush vegetation to its many species of colorful fish. Suitable for all ages, you slowly progress down stream for 2 km in this half-day exploration of the aquatic world.

Mysterious Lagoon
Forty km from Bonito, the Myterious Lagoon lives up to its title, being immensely deep and astoundingly clear. Even for expert divers, the access to the lake is difficult- though inarguably rewarding- and each exploration is based on the certification of the individual diver. The bottom has never been reached, but the deepest explorations have reached 220 meters.

Estencia Mimosa
The afternoon at Estencia Mimosa begins quite leisurely; the visitor is welcomed into the Sweets Ranch's main house, where light snacks are prepared especially in an authentic wooden stove. Fresh, home-brewed tea can be sipped while relaxing in a hammock resting above an alligator-filled lagoon. Vines of pick-able fruit also encircle the visitor in the surrounding orchard. Once satiated, the exploration continues along the forest bordering the Mimoso River and the 9 different waterfalls of various shapes and sizes that it holds. Along with the liklihood of spotting wildlife such as macaws and monkeys, there are 6 different areas where one can stop and enjoy a refreshing swim- even one with a diving board hangingsuspended above a natural water hole! The trip circles back to the main ranch house, where a much-appreciated, delicious ranch-style lunch is served with regional dishes and sweets. This is either a half or full day tour.

Rafting on the Rio Formoso
The Beautiful River provides awe-inspiring, though quite mellow, rafting opportunities: an 8 km trip leads over two light rapids and several small waterfalls to the "Isle of the Priest," where sightings of different birds and fish are plentiful, and, if you are lucky, even some monkeys and boa's! An option on full-moon nights only is the Nocturnal Tour.

Aquorio Natural
One of the most popular excursions is to the Natural Aquarium bay, where one can snorkel or raft one mile down the Baia Bonita River, discovering the waterfalls and playing in their lagoons. Swimming opportunities are many, alongside the waters that are teeming with fish of all sizes. The excursions here tend to be shorter as the traffic from popularity is larger.

Buraco das Araras
The "Hole of Araras" is considered one of the greatest natural shelters for the blue and red macaws and it is in honor of these birds that it received such a name. Fifty km from Bonito, it plunges into a 124 meter depth and 500 meter width. Flying over this enormous pitthese beautiful and exotic birds color the skies, especially in the morning or the late afternoon, . Inside the depths of this pit resides a local friend named Tiro: a sole alligator that occupies this living space with extravagance and poise, its lonley, unique temperament reflected in the very interesting growths of fauna and flora that color his back.

Boca da Onza Ecotour
One of the water falls in the Mouth of the Jaguar area is the highest in the State of Mato Grosso do Sol- more then 150 meters. A trail that stretches for 5,600 meters weaves you through beautiful fauna, flora, and a plethora of different waterfalls. A restaurant and bar is in the area as well, and open to your requests after the trail. Swim amongst the many fish in one of the many fresh water swimming pools or frolic about under one of the waterfalls. Located between Bonito and Bodoquena, this is a full day excursion.

No flippers are allowed for conservation purposes, and though this hinders your maneuverability, the large amount of colorful, differently shaped fish far makes up for it!

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