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With rushing streams, cascading waterfalls, hidden caves and viewing area aplenty, the Chapades dos Guimaraes National Park will literally take your breath away. Claiming 33 thousand hectares to stretch comfortably acrossthe Park is the primary eco-tourist attraction of this region. Seemingly endless beauty is everywhere, just beckoning you to discover and explore its secrets. We have outlined here with brief descriptions some of the many highlights worth exploring during your stay. Selected are some of the very best of the different rivers, waterfalls, landscapes and caves to choose from. Make sure to stop in the Park main office and get a map of the territory.

Popular Sights
Aroe Jari
The second biggest sandstone cave in Brazil, the Aroe Jari plunges an incredible 800 meters in depth. Upon entering the cave in the second chamber, prepare to experience an amazing internal waterfall there. The Lagoa Azul- blue lagoon- awaits after your explorations, inviting you for a swim in its cool, refreshing waters.

Placed in the river of the Rind approximately 38 km from the city, this is a series of three beautiful waterfalls, tumbling down and forming a stair-like appearance.

Paradao Do Eco
Amazing, mysterious patterns on the eroding rocks and steep walls reward a brisk 20 minute hike. On the other side- the steepest side- many sightings of the vibrant red Macaws have been reported.

A wonderful spot to go with children, with a small, soft and quiet crystal waterbed with a sand-bottom and even a small beach, formed by the Seven of September River.

Seven of September
Within the circuit of waterfalls in the National Park, this humble fall is by far the celebrity, with beautiful vegetation surrounding it and open pastures encircling it.

Jeronimo Mountain
Standing proudly inside the National Park, Jeronimo Mountain is easily accessable by car. However, your car is not needed for long; leave your automobile in an open pasture and take an hour-long hike up to the top, where the views are extraordinary: even reaching far enough to see the silhouette of Cuiaba. This is the highest point in the Chapada and takes about 4 hours to hike.

Veu de Noiva- "Veil of Fiance"
The highest waterfall in the region, Veu de Noiva's steep 86 meter fall is fed by the rio Coxipo. The sandstone formations that surround the region add to the immense beauty of this area. You can choose to observe the waterfall from above or even from within -- from behind the waters!

Situated within the National Park, in the river Coxipo, Cachoeirinha is easily accessible by both car and foot and has thus become quite the popular spot. The waterfall freefalls down 18 meters, and forms a beautiful swimming pool below. Nearby there is a restaurant.

City of Stone
Named because the eroded rock formations resemble old, crumbling buildings. A hiking trail nearby takes you through the rocks and upwards, until the very top where the cliff drops 350 meters straight down.

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