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Within this beautiful region lie an array of elaborate rock formations surrounded by an air of mystery which suggests they have been standing for all of time. And in fact, geological studies have uncovered proof that life existed here over 45,000 years ago! The area appears to be barren and desert-like, but upon approaching the river areas, the unexpected discovery of rushing waterfalls and tropical vegetation will surely engulf you. Chapada dos Guimaraes is a small town encircled within the 80,000-acre National Park, half of which still lies in private ownership. In the 1980's, the "New Age hippies" chose here to escape from the big cities,and evidence of this remains in the more esoteric, meditative feel of the area. As a matter of fact, the area is known for frequent UFO spotting and as a place that holds "strong cosmic energy." Clearly, the aesthetic and mysterious quality of the rock formations attracts and infuses those with vivid imaginations!

The Chapades dos Guimaraes lies only 46 miles from Cuiaba. Buses operated by Viacao Rubi take you directly there with several departure times a day. Renting a car is also a good option, as roads are paved and easily navigable.

The tourist office is found at Rua Quinco Caldas (065/301-2045).

When to Visit:
May to September
The city of Chapades dos Guimaraes The town has its origins in a chapel built by the Jesuits in 1751. In 1930, several Americans founded an evangelical mission in Buriti, which became the area's first farm. It still retains its New England look and is currently an agricultural school. Inside the town, there isn't a wide selection of things to do in the way of restauraunts and museums. Most visitors are content in getting lost in the beauty of the waterfalls and rock formations in the surrounding park!

If you happen to be visiting in July, it is worth mentioning that the Winter Festival takes place at the time. This is a very interesting occurrence that attracts artists and craftsmen from all over,and providing a mixture of ancient and modern art along with quite the underground, counterculture kind of atmosphere.

Trails in the Chapades are excellent, so bring your hiking boots to avoid the snakes! Visit the Park Visitor Center, located about 5 miles inside the park from the entrance. (065/301- 1133) Obtain a map of the park, and go explore and take in the beautiful views, waterfalls and trails.
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