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A vital city for the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Corumba is a large, bustling trade center and a key junction point on the Bolivia-bound railroad. It was originally founded as a military outpost/colony in 1778, and when the Paraguay River was opened to international trade, it became strategically important to the area. For several centuries, the only way to reach Corumba was by boat, through the Pantanal, or up the Paraguay River. The railway connecting it with Campo Grande wasn't built until the early 1900's, and the first road was built in the 1970's. This lack of intrusion provides some of the most pristine forest and land that radiates genuine, untouched beauty. Fishing in the Paraguay River offers incredible catches; there are many available options for fishing excursions, even floating lodges.

Gensa airlines have inexpensive daily flights from Campo Grande to Corumba.
The Bus station is on Rua Porto Carrero, and the Andorinha bus line offers daily transport to Campo Grande.

The tourist office Sematur website is:

Corumba should be on top of the list for the sports-fishing adventurers. Fish caught in the Paraguay are larger and more diverse then most anywhere else in the Pantanal. Piranha fishing here is incredibly rewarding, and all lodges offer many different fishing tours.

The area caters to the sports-fishermen and eco-tourists alike. Alligators dominate the area, territorially guarding the land to make you realize the insignificance of your own humanity in relation to this wild world, even if for only 3 days! Birds of all sizes and colors inhabit the skies, and exploration on canoe and horseback is part of a wide variety of tours.

Exploring Corumba itself, though charming, is not exceptionally interesting, with the main and spotlight attraction being the surrounding Pantanal. General tours of the Pantanal can be found here.
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