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The capital of the state of Mato Grosso is the city of Cuiaba. Although the city is nicknamed the "garden city" because of its many trees, Cuiadba doesn't offer much interest for its visitors. The city's main purpose is to be the transportation hub to Northern Pantanal.

The Cuiaba airport is Aeroporto Marechal Rondon. Varig, TAM, Vasp and Gol airlines serve flights to Cuiaba from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, along with other major destinations.

The tourist office, Secretaria de Turismo, is on the main square Praca da Republica 131 and offers a lot of free information on guides, tours, and lodging.

Senhor Bom Jesus de Cuiaba
A modern Art Deco cathedral with daily mass.

Palacio de Instrucao
Houses the history museum that is concentrated on the war in the second half of the 19th century between Brazil and Paraguay. The natural history museum of Cuiaba is here as well.

You will see many Cowboys roaming about the Pantanal, and there are great stores to buy some of their attire in Cuiaba. You can also have an authentic cowboy hat and boots while riding on horseback through the wetlands. Regional arts and crafts can be found here as well.

Feira de Artesanato
This is a crafts market held on Saturdays from 8 am to 8 pm, and Sundays from 3 to 9 pm.

Selaria e Sapataria Centro Oeste
A great store to get good quality and inexpensive cowboy gear.

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