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The tours in this section are provided to most visitors at the pousadas and fazendas in the Pantanal. Some lodges have additional tours, but many of these tours are usually included in some form.

Photo Safari
There is no better way to broaden your understanding of the Pantanal than by experiencing the wonder of the wetland yourself, via an open vehicle tour. A safari trip carries you across the vast stretches of land which are thriving with life just waiting to be discovered. The open vehicle will take you as close as it dares the birds, alligators, deer, anacondas, small wolves, and possibly even anteaters and tapirs that inhabit the land. If your eyes won't believe it, your camera lens will.

Night Safari
The Pantanal has a completely different feel - and different activity, thanks to the new night-loving animals to discover- once the sun goes down. The same concept and activity as the Photo Safari, the Night Safari moves with a slower pace and a quieter, more cautious approach. Animals change their behavior patterns along with the new creatures of the night that emerge such as the infamous Brazilian Jaguar.

Boat Tours/Cruises
There are many different boat tours, yet all the tours have essentially the same goal: to explore the Pantanal from the unexplored point of view given by its waters. Spot capybaras and monkeys as they dash in and out of the shore as you glide along the many rivers the Pantanal holds. Cruises explore the "Corixos" of the Pantanal: flooded areas not connected to the rivers, formed by the drop of the waters in the Pantanal. Stop for a moment to listen to the many birds that inhabit and feed off of the water fauna. Oftentimes motors and engines are turned off and as the boat creeps stealthily and silently along the water. Short motorboat and canoeing tours are also offered to explore otherwise inaccessible areas and provide access to activities such alligator spotting, bird watching, and fishing.

Tours on Horseback
This is one of the best ways to explore the Pantanal, allowing for visits to areas which are inaccessible by other means, like flooded areas where the water is too deep for motorized vehicles or too shallow for other boats. The horses are well trained and are suitable even for inexperienced riders. Prior to the beginning of each tour a brief lesson is given on how to get a long with, ride, care for, and control the horse.

Many trekking options are offered to those desiring to explore the Pantanal on foot: to get close to and inside the forest vegetation and a closer peak at all the animals that reside there. Sometimes such hikes are part of the Photo Safari, and are shorter. Usually, they take from 2 to 3 hours. Local "pantaneiros" guide you through constantly changing trails, to the newest areas in which animal concentrations are the highest.

With over 240 species of fish, the Pantanal is considered to be one of the best places in the world to go fishing. The diversity of the marine habitats within the many rivers provides the flexibility for a wide variety of species of fish to exist. Fishing in the Pantanal is great year round, though the season from September to December fish migrate up-river for mating season and the waters simply fill up with millions of fish.

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