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The village of Paraty has been frozen in time and simply a joy to visit when you are in Rio or Sao Paulo - Brazil Paraty is a beautiful historic city that is situated on the shores of the Atlantic. Since its beginning in 1650, the town is unique in that it still remains nearly as it was in the seventeenth century. To preserve this authentic atmosphere automobiles are forbidden in the city, making it a special place for strolling and exploring. The beaches range from a few summer houses situated on the coastline, to some being completely free of development. Typical of the Costa Verde region, you'll find a paradise of beaches, some having rocky shores with volcanic formations, hilly forests, and palm trees.

Paraty has hundreds of beaches but one of the favorites is Trinidade, which first gained notoriety as a popular hangout in the 60's. Since then it has recently sparked interest in tourists because of its natural beauty. The area is bustling with activity, from beach parties, to nightlife, and a buzzing music scene. Walking around the city, you'll also see the best examples of colonial architecture in South America, with many houses and churches worth visiting. The town comes alive at night, with many excellent restaurants and music venues to choose from.

Located between the Bay of Paraty and Trinidade are the beaches Antigos and Sono, which have been protected due to the challenging hike it takes to get there. This pristine virgin beach also contains the Conceicao Waterfall that has drinkable water. Jabaquera is also a popular beach because of its medicinal mud, which contains sulfur, a natural elixir for healthy skin. Cepilho Beach has excellent surf and the Praia do Meio is worth visiting for its calm, clear waters and impressive rock formation in the center of the beach. Visit this site for more info on Paraty Beaches:
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The Portuguese settled Paraty in the mid-seventeenth century. By the 1800's Paraty had become the second most important port in Brazil because of the gold found in Minas Gerais. This period of wealth brought about the beautiful colonial architecture that is marveled at today. Some of the best pina or cachaca (sugar can liquor) was also produced here as well as coffee that was cultivated in the valley of Paraiba. Today the area is a popular tourist destination, due in part to the inception of the highway BR-101, which connects the town to the inland through the valley of Paraiba.

Paraty is a two and a half hour drive from Rio via BR-101 and there are two companies that offer daily van transport from Rio: Paraty Tours and Alcance Paraty.

The area offers accommodations to fit any budget. There are a few notable places, including Bromelias Inn located 20 minutes from town. They offer deluxe and standard bungalows set in the Parque Nacional da Bocaina in the Atlantic Forest. Recanto das Aquas Inn is located 15 km from town and between the beautiful beaches of Prainha and Sao Goncalo on an island surrounded by mountains with great hiking trails. For the ultimate in luxury the Island House provides lodging in beautiful colonial architecture surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Paraty.

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