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Located about 300 km from Rio is one of the highlights of Costa Verde, the town of Paraty. The town itself is rich in culture and history, being named by UNESCO as one of the most important examples of Portuguese architecture. There are also miles and miles of beaches that are free from development. On the coast you'll find natural swimming pools protected by volcanic rocks, pristine waters, and hillsides covered in dense tropical forest.

Traveling north down the coast there are several virgin beaches with a landscape typical of the Costa Verde region. When you reach the Praia Grande you'll begin to see a few houses on the beach nestled in forests. When you reach the town of Paraty, the beach is just as tranquil but with a historical village on its coast. Situated between the ocean and Serra do Mar is Trinidade, which is full of inexpensive pousadas, summer cottages, campsites, bars and restaurants.

Every day fishing boats depart from the Praia do Pontal and from the port quay, for the beach islands of Paraty-Mirim, Jurumirim, Lula and Picinguaba, which make up the favorite of the 65 islands and 200 beaches of the area. There are also excellent beaches near the village of Trinidade and can be reached by a steep, winding road. Just a short walk from the main beach are the rocky, virgin beaches of Praia Brava and Praia do Meio, which offer a natural, untouched paradise.

There are many small inns or pousadas to choose from as well as larger hotels. Bambu Bamboo offers comfortable lodgings on the banks of the Peregue-Acu River and overlooking the Atlantic Rainforest. Located on the shores of the sea enjoy sitting in the shady garden of the Espia-Mare Pousada and watching the sun rise on the ocean.

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