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Uniquely formed beaches, and simple, but beautiful beaches, are all present in Recife, Brazil Recife contains the largest amount of urbanized beaches in Brazil. Among the most famous is Boa Viagem, which is lined with luxurious beachfront homes, buildings, and four star hotels and restaurants. There are also many beaches that stretch from north to south away from Recife, all of which have their own unique beauty. Certain areas have excellent surf, while other spots are known be great for diving and snorkeling.

Overall, tourists visit Recife for the warm waters, fine white sand beaches, and the many bars, restaurants and hotels that accompany this modernized coastal city.

Boa Viagem
Boa Viagem stretches from Pina in the North to Piedade in the South, making it 7 km long. The beach is protected by a barrier of natural reefs called arrecife, the reef which the city was named after. When the tide is low, natural pools form along the shoreline and you can walk on top of the reefs, but be careful, as they tend to be slippery.

Just to the south of Recife is Piedade, which is similar to Boa Viagem because of its myriad of restaurants and bars. Unlike the hotels in Recife, which are separated by an avenue, the hotels here have direct beach access. More locals frequent the beach since there are fewer hotels in the area. The neighboring Candeias extends 3 km and offers several more restaurants and bars to choose from. If you're looking for tranquility Barra de Jangada is the place to go. It is very quiet and close to Recife.

Other Beaches near Recife
Further down the coast and 45 km from Recife is Itapuama, which is known for its excellent surf and natural beauty. There is also a camping area. Paiva is just a mile down the coast and contains sulfuric medicinal mud, which is believed to be great for the skin. Further down is Pedra do Xareu, which is named after xareau, a fish that is common to the area. Unlike its neighboring Paiva, this beach is protected by reefs, allowing for small pools to form at low tide.

Calhetas is also a favorite and a preferred destination for scuba divers and fisherman. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, with its many palm trees and crystal clear waters. It is located 49 km from Recife, and like all the beaches in the region, it can be accessed by the BR-101 South.

Another popular excursion from Recife is to Igarassu and Itamaraca Island. Igarassu is one of Brazil's oldest settlements and is full of rich cultural heritage, including the oldest church in Brazil, which dates back to 1535. The Itamaraca Island is connected to the island by a bridge, and a short trip there will take you to an enchanting paradise of warm, calm ocean waters and coconut tree forests. The nearby Coroa do Aviao islet is also a favorite for water sports and exploring local folklore.

Porto de Galinhas
Although it still maintains the reputation of a quaint seaside fishing village, Porto de Galinhas has become a major tourist destination for celebrities and vacationers. Just 30 miles from Recife, it is makes for a great day trip out of the city. The beach extends 28 km, where beach-goers can enjoy the crystal water, natural reefs, and tranquility.

Nannai Beach Resort
The Nannai Beach Resort is one of the main seafront hotels in the area. It has earned a reputation for offering the best in luxury and comfort. Guests enjoy complete privacy, with personal verandahs and swimming pools, beautiful views of the ocean, and all the amenities.
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