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A pleasant old street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil This is the birthplace of Rio de Janeiro; it is where the city began, the place from which its foundation was spread. A break from the beach life (for those who can bear to break from it), the Center holds many of the city's top museums, monuments and historical buildings, all incredible and well-worth seeing. Crossing the town on foot takes about 45 minutes, though the trip is likely to take much longer if curiosity should lead you astray.

One of the main attractions is Praca VX, a square where the 18th-century Paco Imperial (Imperial Palace) and other grand buildings are located. There are also many beautiful churches scattered about - one of the most impressive is the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelaria, which has breathtaking glass windows and beautiful wood carvings.

Avenida Rio Branco
From here untill the Campo de Santana park (and everywhere inbetween), the visitor is in store for some of the bestsightseeing, shopping, and walking that Rio has to offer, filled with small churches and shops that have sprang up amongst the crooked little streets.

Avenida Republica de Chile
Towards the East End of downtown, this area holds the most important commercial skyscrapers such as the Petrobas building and the Catedral Metropolitana, Rio's famous cathedral.


Paco Imperial
Praca 15 de Novembro 48
Tel: (21) 2533 4407. Fax: (21) 2533 4359.
Open: Tues–Sun 12–6

Museu Historico Nacional
Praca Marechal Âncora
Tel: (21) 2550 9224.
Open: Tues–Fri 10–5:30, Sat and Sun 2–6pm.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelaria
Praca Pio X
Tel: (21) 2233 2324.
Open: Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm, Sat and Sun 9am –1 pm.

Mosteiro de Sao Bento
Rua Dom Gerardo 68
Tel: (21) 2291 7122.
Open: Daily 8 am–11 pm and 230 am–4pm.

Museu Nacional de Belas Artes
Avenida Rio Branco 199
Tel: (21) 2240 0068.
Open: Tues–Fri 12–6 pm, Sat and Sun 2–6 pm.

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