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The scenic tram going through the old city in Rio de Janiero There are several popular tours offered in the great city of Rio de Janeiro to showcase its many attractions. These tours are a great and relatively inexpensive way to become acquainted with different parts of the Carioca life and culture. Good guides are usually readily available and speak English, along with a plethora of other languages.

Downtown City Tour
The city tour of Rio de Janeiro offers the visitor a historic overview of Rio de Janeiro, along with a tour of the highlights of the city. The tour usually starts along the beaches of Rio and then visits the downtown area, stopping at important churches, buildings and monuments. Other important sites such as the famous Maracana soccer stadium and the modern Metropolitan Cathedral are also visited. This tour is the best possible introduction to the city.

Corcovado Tour
The statue of Christ, enjoying a magnificent view of Rio de Janiero Visit the most famous icon of Rio de Janeiro and enjoy a grand view of Rio on the Corcovado Mountain Tour. Reach the top of the picturesque Corcovado mountain by a modern Swiss-made cogwheel rail. As it climbs through Tijuca Rain Forest to the top of the mountain (710 meters), the cogwheel takes about 17 minutes. As you stand above Rio and take in the spectacular views of the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, the Lagoon, and Sugarloaf, be sure to turn around and see the statue of Christ the Redeemer, carved in mosaic in the art nouveau style, towering 38 meters above you. His symbolically open arms embrace viewers from afar as he reaches out to the city that he oversees from above.

This tour is often combined with a tour of the nearby Botanical Gardens, turning into a half day tour. Home to thousands of species of plants, the gardens also offer giant water lilies, coffee trees, and imperial Palms.

SugarLoaf Mountain Tour
The cable car heading towards the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in  Rio de Janiero One of the most beautiful views in Rio de Janeiro is experienced from the famous Sugarloaf mountain in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. This mountain is also in the middle of every aerial picture that ever taken of this city.

Begin your visit to Sugarloaf by walking along Copacabana beach towards the mountain. When you reach the bottom of Sugarloaf, you will be taken by a two-stage cable car to the top. Stop midway and enjoy the flowered walkways and views. At the very top, however, the entire 360-degree panoramic view of Rio is at your disposal.

Rio-by-Night Tour
Begin with having a dinner in a typical Brazilian steak house: an all-you-can-eat "churrascaria." This is followed by samba music and dancing or a dance performance. You also become acquainted with the extravagant and beautiful Carnaval customs, as well as seeing the city after the sun goes down.

Favela Tour
Offering tours to the favelas, "shanty towns", the so-called names of the poor, industrialized outskirts of the cities. These neighborhoods are known for the high crime rates reported in city statistics. Though you should not explore these alone, taking a tour is an interesting way to learn more about one of the most unique characteristics of Rio, and all of Brazil. Favelas often have extremely interesting architectural designs that are well worth seeing.

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