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The beach of Leblon in Rio de Janeiro The neighborhood of Leblon is a smaller version of Ipanema, located on the same stretch of beach. The dividing line between Leblon and Ipanema is made by the park called Jardim de Ala. Leblon boasts to being one of Rio's top places to stay or live, and also offers some of the best restaurants. Upper Leblon is strictly residential, while the west is populated with the rich and famous of Rio. Downtown (lower) Leblon is the more bohemian neighborhood, and is a good bet for after-hours entertainment.

The main shopping street in Leblon is Av. General Martin. The best restaurants are located around the end of Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva, which is Leblon's recently refurbished main street, full of unique signs, streelights, and even public phones. Charming accents such as wooden benches on the street corners complete the look to give this neighborhood a personal, quaint feel.

Av. Niemeyer
Designed by Niemeyer and connecting Leblon to Sao Conrada, this is one of the most scenic drives in Rio. It took 30 years to build, but in 1916 it finally opened to cars. The road curves around a steep cliff that drops off from a mountain. There is a stop off point in Leblon where you can takes some photos and enjoy the view.

Jardim Pernambuco
If Robert Leech were doing a profile of Rio's rich and famous, he would most likely start at Jardim Pernambuco, Rio's most exclusive private condominium. There are many mansions in the area, including the most famous one, which was designed by Niemeyer and the gardens by Burle Marx.

Sushi Leblon
A top-notch place to get sushi- especially the nori roll which Brazilians love. The restaurant itself is also very well designed.
Rua Dias Ferreira 256

A great Italian restaurant with delicious tortellini and a good selection of wines.
Rua Dias Ferreira 233

This is a great café that has been serving up delicious Brazilian food since 1956. It is also open till 4:30 am for all the partygoers and night owls. Ave. Ataulfo de Paiva 1166.

This restaurant serves great Amazonian dishes and has nightly jam sessions. Rua Domingos Ferreira 41.

On the ground floor is a popular steakhouse and upstairs there are samba shows, the only one in town with mulata dancers that perform on a regular basis. Rua Alaberto Ferreira 32.

This eatery was recently named the best botequim café in Rio. The relaxed and casual atmosphere makes it a great place for hanging out after a day at the beach. Enjoy the excellent appetizers at one of the sidewalk tables. Rua Jose Linhares 85.

This nightclub and concert hall is hopping all year, but particularly during Carnival, when it hosts its annual Tuesday night Carnival Ball. Av. Afranio de Melo Franco.

Dantes Editoria e Livraria
A vintage brazilian comic/book store with a lot of items from the 60's and 70's. A real gem for book worms and comic book lovers.
Rua Dias Ferreira 45b

Farmers Market
One of the most sophisticated and charming farmer's market in Rio, this is where locals get their fresh, organic produce. There are also snack bars, cafés and small restaurants in the area. Rua Dias Ferreira

Listed below are the 5 and 4 star hotels in this area.

Marina Palace (5 stars)
This luxurious hotel is right on the beach and offers guests rooms with lovely views of the ocean. Av. Delfim Moreira 696.

The Parthenon Top Apart (4 stars)
Located on Rua Joao Lira, this is a small but luxurious hotel with 38 rooms.

Leblon Inn (4 stars)
Located on Rua Dias Ferrera, this hotel is just blocks from the beach and nightlife action. All rooms come with a kitchen and they offer amenities such as a sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam room.

Palladium (4 stars)
This hotel is also close to the beach. Enjoy the many amenities and contemporary décor. Rua General Artigas 200.

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