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A Catamaran taking off for a beautiful island near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The islands of Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro are a popular getaway spot from the bustling city. A great sailing location and a pleasant change from the more urban beaches of Ipanema and Copocabana, tours depart from Itacuruca Village, which is 95 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. About an hour boat ride takes you to the islands of Jardim, Sororoca, Furtada, and Bicho Grande. There is usually a stop at the relaxing Bonita beach where there are wonderful opportunities for fish-sighting while snorkeling, along with great swimming, and peaceful sunbathing. Continuing along the tour you pass Marambaia Bay, where there are unforgettable opportunities for spotting many types of birds and dolphins.

This tour can be taken as a day-long private tour or quicker 4 hour group tours. The longer tour would include some extra time spent on one of the islands where you can enjoy the beach and have lunch.

Boats return after your tour to Itacuruca Village, from where you return to the sizzling side walks of one of the worlds most vibrant cities, Rio de Janeiro.

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