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A majestic beach in the Bahia State of Brazil Salvador is an area in Brazil deeply influenced by its African roots, and no doubt you will discover its treasures on your journey to its beaches ("praias"). The best beaches within the Salvador region of Brazil are those that lay farthest east and north of the mouth of the bay, Bahia de Todos os Santos. If you are hoping to avoid the masses, go during weekdays, when working Brazilians, families, and other tourists are less likely to go. You should know that there are no public bathroom facilities at most beaches. Most beaches do rent chairs and umbrellas (for ladies only, according to cultural norm) for about $10 a day.

Costa Azul or "Blue Coast" is the world famous stretch of beaches between Pituba and Piata. Each one of these beaches is a lovely jewel perfect for sunning and swimming, with plenty of enticing restaurants and bars dotting the adjacent coast highway. Large grassy parks like Parque Aeroclube, Parque Costa Azul, and Parque Jardim dos Namorados also hug the coastline.

Praia Piata
The first beach north of the city on the Bahia de os Santos is clean and wide, boasting calm waters and golden sand. This beach attracts many local families on the weekends.

Praia da Barra
This popular beach in Barra is conveniently accessed from the hotel districts Ondina and Rio Vermelho. Although beautiful, this spot is not recommended for swimming due to its dangerous rocky outcroppings along the shore. Pollution is also unfortunately a problem along Avenida Oceanica in Barra.

Praia Corsario
One of the nicest beaches along Avenida Oceanica is this long strand popular with surfers and the young crowd. Numerous shaded kiosks offer up seafood, beer and cocktails. Located south of Parque metropolitan de Pituacu.

Boa Viagem
If you're curious how the locals live, visit this beach on a Sunday, when it will be teeming with families, teens, and vendors. Known as the "working-class beach" in the area, Boa Viagem offers great people-watching opportunities from a stone seawall, as well as frequent pickup soccer games on the sand.

Praia de Amaralina
This beach is an epicenter for excellent food, surfing, and windsurfing. Praia dos Artistas A great, safe beach for swimmers, especially children.

Praia Itapua
Located in an artist village, this beach has an eclectic atmosphere and its waters are dark with fine white sand. Be sure to sample one of the many tasty food kiosks, especially the "acaraje", a spicy fried-bean snack. There are plenty nearby venues for live music. This area was once a whale cemetery; bones are still commonly found. Located 10 miles northeast of downtown Itapua.

Praia Stella Maris and Flamengo
The northernmost beach in the Salvador municipality along Avenida Oceanica is also popular with surfers and the young and beautiful crowd. Myriad food and drink, especially "agua de coco" (coconut water) kiosks line the beach here. Located 12 miles north of downtown, after Itapua, Stella Maris.

North of Salvador
Hundreds of kilometers of snow-white sandy beaches lay just to the north of Salvador, beginning at the lighthouse (Farol) de Itapoan. Take the well-maintained toll road, Linha Verde (Green Line), which runs parallel to the coast. You'll pass sand dunes, coconut palms, and various communities ranging from rustic fishing villages to upscale Praia do Forte.

Praia do Forte
This is a must-do day trip just north of Salvador, known as a well-developed fishing village turned resort and host to the country's largest endangered sea turtle preservation project. Go September through March to witness green and hawksbill turtles build nests and lay eggs on the shore. Full moon tours are available as the turtles usually do their egg laying around midnight, particularly during a full moon.

Coconut Highway, the beachside strip at Praia do Forte, passes soft, fluffy white sand perfect for tanning after surfing in the gentle, playful waves. Colorful fishing boats just offshore make great photographic opportunities. If you're more into creature comforts, Praia do Forte is very popular with European and American travelers for its unique shopping possibilities.
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