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Northern Beaches and Resorts

Picture-perfect beaches in the Bahia State of Brazil near Salvador Hundreds of kilometers of snow-white sandy beaches lay just to the north of Salvador, beginning at the lighthouse (Farol) de Itapoan. Take the well-maintained toll road, Linha Verde (Green Line), which runs parallel to the coast. You'll pass sand dunes, coconut palms, and various communities ranging from rustic fishing villages to upscale Praia do Forte.

Praia do Forte
This is a must-do day trip just north of Salvador, known as a well-developed fishing village turned resort and host to the country's largest endangered sea turtle preservation project. Go September through March to witness green and hawksbill turtles build nests and lay eggs on the shore. Full moon tours are available as the turtles usually do their egg laying around midnight, particularly during a full moon. Coconut Highway, the beachside strip at Praia do Forte, passes soft, fluffy white sand perfect for tanning after surfing in the gentle, playful waves. Colorful fishing boats just offshore make great photographic opportunities. If you're more into creature comforts, Praia do Forte is very popular with European and American travelers for its unique shopping possibilities.

Costa do Sauipe
Known as Coconut Grove Coast, this region is where sand dunes and dense coconut groves dominate the landscape. Traveling down Linha Verde will lead you to 26 of Bahia's most beautiful beaches, including Costa do Sauipe. Nestled on one of the world's most beautiful and pristine beaches is Costa do Sauipe Resort, a luxury seaside hotel that offers 324 rooms and suites. This is a great place to relax on the beach, catch some surf, or explore the local heritage of the historical Bahia region. If you're looking for peace and tranquility Sofitel Suites offers comfortable lodging that is unique in its rustic interior design that was inspired by the cocoa tree. Renaissance offers guests 237 apartments and suites will beachfront views and balconies. For something smaller and a bit casual Pousadas de Sauipe is charming with its Bahian-style décor. Superclubs Breezes also offers comfortable lodging, and unlike most hotels in the area, their rate is all-inclusive.

Sitio de Conde
This cozy seaside fishing village is tranquil and peaceful and has few tourists crowding its white-sand beaches. There are reef barriers that form natural swimming pools when the tide is low, which is great for swimming and snorkeling. Typical of this region are tropical wetlands that intertwine with beaches, so you'll find mangroves, lagoons, rivers, and dunes close by, all part of an ecological preserve. Jungle camping is also a favorite for adventure travelers, especially on the banks of the Itapicuru River.

Barra do Itariri
Similar to the neighboring Sitio de Conde, this fishing village has a beautiful white sand beach that stretches on a straight coast and is dotted with a few summer houses. In the summer there are some laid-back bars and beachside stands selling cold drinks and food. There are two small resorts you can stay at that are situated right on the beach.

This beach is very popular in the summer, with strong waves for surfing and natural swimming pools for swimming. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with beach houses and coconut trees lining the coast. You can also catch a glimpse of nesting sea turtles at the Tamar sea turtle post.

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