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Simply imagine walking on such an impecable beach, and you may well imagine yourself in the Bahia State of Brazil The South of Salvador has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and are definitely worth taking the time to explore. The coast is made up of forested hillsides, undeveloped beaches, as well as some lively hotspots and small, peaceful beach towns and fishing villages. This area is also known for its ecological preserves, making it one of the most beautiful paradises on the Brazilian coast.

Morro de Sao Paulo
Located on the island of Tintare and about 75 km southwest of Salvador lies the world famous beach of Morro de Sao Paulo. Because there are no roads on the island the area is relatively undeveloped and peaceful, although on summer weekends it can get very crowded. This small beach town is situated on a hill between the port and the Primeria Praia beach. Just a short walk from the beach you can catch a great view of the region from the lighthouse. The beach atmosphere is great, with reggae bars, great seafood restaurants, and divers and surfers taking a rest from a day's exploring.

Peninsula Marau
Because of its unique location, the Marau Peninsula is largely undeveloped and has many remote and peaceful sea-side villages that are the perfect place to find serenity in nature. Here you'll find pristine, untouched beaches, tropical forests, rivers, and ecological preserves. The beaches on the ocean side of the peninsula are the longest and have the best surf. The coral reefs also create natural swimming pools at low tide for calmer waters. On the side facing the Camamu Bay the beaches are smaller and the water calmer.

One of the oldest cities in Brazil, the history of Ilheus dates back to 500 years of rich history and culture. Aside from its colorful past, Ilheus also has some excellent beach areas. Just a few miles from the city is the Cabana Gabriela, where you'll find a beautiful relaxing beach and some great restaurants. Further north down the coast are less crowded areas, such as Ponta da Tulha, Ponta do ramo, and Pe de Serra.

Hidden away between the rocky coast of the Atlantic and a tropical rainforest are the breathtaking beaches of Itacare. This small village of 8,000 has become the hub of Bahian culture in recent years. The beaches close to the village have restaurants, hotels, and bars, but just a few miles down the coast you'll find beaches beautifully preserved and free of any development. Itacare is especially popular during New Year's and Carnival.

Porto Seguro
Surrounding this charming city are amazing beaches and preserved areas of Mata Atlantica, a tropical jungle Portuguese explorers stumbled upon in 1500. Besides its famed natural beauty, the city comes alive at night, attracting many young people and travelers.

Transamerica Comandatuba is a wonderful resort located on the Island of Comandatuba and 70 km from the town of Ilheus. They offer 370 rooms, bungalows, and apartments. Another favorite is the Kiaroa Beach Resort on the Marau Peninsula. The resort was designed to be a natural extension of its environment, and although it is small, the layout is quite beautiful in its beach side surroundings. For a more rustic and earthy place, Txai Resort is a restful place hidden among a dense forest of coconut groves. Here you can have the best in seclusion and comfort in private palm-thatched bungalows.
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