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Sorriso da Dada
This restaurant, "Dada's Smile", is run by Aldacir dos Santos who has become famous for her intimate restaurant and incredibly delicious Bahian cuisine.
Rua Frei Vicente 5, Pelourinho

Alaide do Feijao
This restaurant also serves typical Bahian cuisine, though with significantly lower prices.
Rua 12 de Outubro, 2

Trapiche Adelaide
The menu here has an Italian and French bent. This is widely considered Salvador's finest international cuisine restaurant.
Praca Tubinambas, 2, Av. Contorno, Comercio

Boi Preto
This is a churrascaria, so a large selection of variously prepared sliced beef is offered, along with a salad buffet that also serves salmon, lobster, cheeses and more.
Ave. Otavio Mangabeira, Boca do Rio.

Located on the beach this restaurant provides a beautiful view of the Atlantic along with a delicious selection of Bahian cuisine.
Ave. Getulio Vargas 814

This restaurant has an interesting history. The chef and owner, Manoel dos Santos Pereira, started out cooking for friends and family, and his meals were so delicious that he attracted more and more people until his landlady threw him out. He then opened up the restaurant that is presently named Axego, and it serves delicious chicken and beef, along with traditional feijoada on Sundays and Bahian caruru on Fridays.
Largo do Pelourinho, 7

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