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Brazil is a developing country and Salvador has plenty of poor people amongst the glamour of its many streets. Pickpockets are very common, especially during such uproars as a 4-day non-stop celebration. One way to avoid getting things stolen is to avoid the "pop-corn" sidelines of the blocos, where there is no charge to dance and celebrate.

Or you can simply avoid carrying anything in outside pockets. Keys, money, and wallet: have these tucked under a shirt, under your pants or shorts. Carry money in your sock.

Money belts are a good idea, if you are willing to wear them underneath your clothing: pickpockets may be rather brazen and simply open it if it is on the outside.

Of course, leave your passport in the safety of a hotel safe.

If you do get something stolen, or notice it being done: let go of your possession to avoid any mishap. Do not fight the thief for 20 dollars; it simply is not worth it.

Police units are put up everywhere you look during Carnaval, and there are small groups of police always patrolling the streets. They cut through the crowds and are amazingly efficient in breaking up the many fights that break out during the festivities. If anything of importance does get stolen, you can turn to any of the police officers and they will handle the matter or escort you to the nearest police station.

Outside of Carnaval, Salvador is generally heavily patrolled and is quite safe, even at night. It is still not advised to wear flashy jewelry or excessive clothing, and stay away from dim-lit streets as well as away from Cidade Baixa and Comercio, which become fairly deserted and less safe come nightfall.

If you take these basic precautions, there should be no reason why Carnaval in Salvador, and Salvador itself, should be anything less then fantastic.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Police: Tel. 190
Fire and Ambulance: Tel. 193

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