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There are wonderful opportunities for buying wooden, ceramic and leather Brazilian crafts in Salvador. Many galleries and small stores and boutiques can be found in the Pelourinho area. There are also several shopping malls, and great places to snag Brazilian beats, especially axe- Afro-reggae- music.

Shopping Iguatemi
This shopping mall features 532 stores, 12 cinemas, 51 restaurants, and an indoor
Av. Tancredo Neves 148, Pituba

Aeroclube Plaza Show
Though this is close to the airport and on the outskirts of the city, this is the newest and biggest open-air mall. It hosts a wide variety of attractions such as mini-golf, bowling, go-cart racing and a climbing wall, along with many bars, clubs and restaurants that are busy and active late into the night.
Av. Otavio Mangabeira

Most of the really good music stores are concentrated on Praca de Se. Here are two highlights:

Brazilian Sound
This store offers an excellent selection of the latest axe artists that gives you a comprehensive overview of current Bahian artists.
Rua Francisco Muniz Barreto

Perola Negra
This music store is dedicated to underground and independent labels, with smaller- though no less great- artists represented from all over Brazil.
Rua Joao de Deus, 22

Arts and Crafts
Instituto de Artesanato Visconde de Maua
Located in the famous historic area of Pelourinho, this is a government- funded institution for the promotion of regional artists. It is a great place to feel the Bahian Arts scene, with furniture, ceramics, woodcarvings, weavings, and more. You can also see artists-in-training on the higher floors of the building.
Rua Gregorio de Matos, Pelourinho

Lembrancas da Fe
This store has many religious pieces, along with various accessories used in Candomble rituals.
Rua Joao de Deus 24, Pelourinho

Projeto Axe
While buying beautiful skirts and other clothing pieces, you can also know that your money is going into an organization that supports various projects for street children.
Rua das Laranjeiras 9

Mercado Modelo (Market)
Though this is clearly geared for tourists, this 300-seller market is really quite interesting. Located right across from the lower level of the Elevador Lacerda, merchants sell beautiful leather goods, musical instruments, hammocks, beautifully woven things, jewelry, Orixa art, wooden carvings, figurines, and more! There are also local bars and restaurants located on the lower level.
Open Monday - Saturday 8 am to 7 pm
Sundays 8 am to 12 noon.

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