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Sao Paulo is huge! And there is accordingly tons of stuff to do. Daytime provides many museums, neighborhoods and parks to explore. The city also attracts the top musicians- Jazz, classical, Samba, and no exclusions! First time visitors are often times intimidated by this city, and end up staying in their hotels at nighttime. With the multi dimensionality that Sao Paulo carries within itself, missing out on its nightlife would be a shame. New York is not the only city that never sleeps- Sao Paulo's clubs, bars and restaurants usually only start to get busy at midnight. A good place to find goings-on around town is in the Veja magazine that on Sundays features an entire entertainment guide for the week (Veja Sao Paulo) Dance, theater, current exhibits and classical concerts are listed in the Revista Cultural.

Teatro Abril
Similar to Broadway, this concert hall hosts large production musicals, with Disney Favorites too, such as Beauty and the Beast (Bela Viste).

Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil
This venue provides a high quality guarantee for theater, music, dance and cinema.

Teatro Municipal
Housed in a grand 19th century building, the Teatro Municipal is the traditional and still top venue to see classical concerts, operas, and ballet. It is also home to the world renowned Sao Paulo City Ballet.

Sala Sao Paulo
The home of the Sao Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, this venue sits in the main hall of the Victorian Julio Prestes railway station. Acoustics are great as well.

Alfa Real Teatro
This theatre hosts many fine performances, including the dance troupe of Pina Bausch and the dynamic Cirque Plume.
Rua Bento Branco de Andrade Filho

Credicard Hall
The place to go for contemporary Brazilian music.

Tom Brasil
This is another great venue for Brazilian music. See big names such as Cassia Eller, Elba Ramalho, and Jorge Ben.
Vila Olimpia.

Ibirapuera Park
Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and landscape artist Burle Marx designed this park that now attracts over 200,000 visitors a weekend. There are many trails that lead you around the park's four lakes, a Japanese garden where you can rent bikes and ride the trails, the (temporarily closed) Planetarium, and the Museum of Modern Art. On Sunday mornings there are free outdoor concerts in the park at Placa da Paz.

Parque da Luz
This beautiful park was introduced in 1825 and meant to be the city's botanical gardens. You don't want to be here at night, but during the day there are a lot of police officers and it is perfectly safe. It is located next to the Pinacoteca.

Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos/ Trianon Park
This park was designed by the landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx, and features beautiful vegetation, trails and several playgrounds. It is located across from the MASP.

Monument to Latin America
Designed by Oscar Niemeyer and situated outside of Brasilia, this is a prime example of Modernism in Brazil. In the center of this 30 acre complex is a giant hand that has a map of Latin America on it, while its surroundings include the Palace of Tiradentes, an Art Gallery that has changing exhibits, the Hall of Creativity that holds folk art from all over Latin America, and a library.

Edificio Italia
Built in 1965 by the growing Italian community, this is the tallest office building in all of Latin America- it has 42 stories. The Terraco Italia is a 41st floor restaurant that provides beautiful views of the city.

Casas das Rosas
Built by the man who also built the Theater Municipal and the Pinacoteca, it is one of the only remaining mansions amidst the office skyscrapers of Avenida Paulista. There is a beautiful rose garden in the back and the space is now used as a cultural center and sometimes features temporary art exhibits.

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